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  • spam

New anti-spam system for all

Responding to customer feedback, Aluminati has introduced a new anti-spam system into its email service. [...]

  • google+

Google+: The Next Big Thing?

Daniel Watts, Managing Director of Aluminati, had the pleasure of presenting a talk at this [...]

  • Haileybury-Society

Haileybury Society launches new community web system

Aluminati has built a bespoke website system for clubs and societies of Haileybury and Imperial [...]

  • students

Lincoln College alumni directory upgrade

Aluminati has launched an upgraded Lincoln College Directory which now allows former members of the [...]

  • york

Aluminati launches Email-for-Life at University of York

Aluminati Network Group has developed and launched a bespoke Email-for-Life service for alumni of the [...]

  • people

Aluminati presents a CASE for small communities

For three successive years, Aluminati Network Group has played a significant role during the Annual [...]

  • develop

Aluminati develops Online Directory for Lincoln College

Aluminati Network Group has recently developed an online interactive service, exclusively for the alumni of [...]

  • ed

Aluminati launches bespoke system for Edinburgh

After months of planning and development, Aluminati Network Group has launched a new alumni email [...]

  • james

James helps with Votes Project

Budding software and web developer James Matthews joined Aluminati for a four week work experience [...]