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Social Data Sync is the simplest way to keep your community data accurate.

Your alumni are regularly updating their social media data. Make it easy for them to loop you in.

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Aluminati hold a formal license agreement to provide this valuable service to educational institutions. No more wondering if the data you receive is fully legitimate.


SDS works with any modern database but as Blackbaud partners we are particularly familiar with data exchange with the Raiser’s Edge.

SDS Apps

SDS offers the option to track both LinkedIn and Facebook data. Users are presented with a branded application page which ensures they give full opt-in consent to sharing data with your institution.

Once permission is given, SDS will automatically check for changes to their profile data and ensures the user stays engaged with the app over the long term with its fully automated re-engagement process.

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SDS Data

Social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook are huge repositories of valuable constituent data. More importantly, users of these sites are often very diligent about keeping their profiles up to date due to professional and social motivations.

Whilst some of your members are ‘super engaged’ and will fill out paper or electronic forms, the vast majority find it hard to find the time, even if they want to stay engaged. SDS enables this busy majority to stay connected with far less effort.

Data Available linkedin-logo facebook
Name and Bio tick-icon tick-icon
Location Details (City, Country) cross-icon tick-icon
Email Address tick-icon tick-icon
Personal Statement tick-icon cross-icon
Detailed Employment History tick-icon cross-icon
Educational History tick-icon tick-icon
Endorsed Skills tick-icon cross-icon
Profile Website Link tick-icon cross-icon

SDS Data Package Options

You can choose from three levels of data management depending
on the capabilities of your data processing tools.

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SDS Lite

Deploy fully branded social apps, monitor data and receive all the raw data collected.

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SDS Match

After retrieving social data, SDS will efficiently match the data to records in your own database and ensure your data is augmented with your own database IDs.

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SDS Sync

Full data control with a customised data model that understands your own database. SDS Sync provides the ability to compare all collected social data against your own database, resulting in fully de-duped and de-conflicted data.

A UK Russell Group University launched their SDS apps to alumni and received over 1000 alumni participating within the first 3 months providing 500 updates within this time frame – including a huge number of updated employment details.

The University of Manchester received 20,000 individual data updates in the first 6 months.

This is Daisy Brown.

Read the sad story about Daisy, the database assistant asked to do a very unreasonable job.

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Stories of SUCCESSFUL Social Data Sync services

SNS app

SNS app

Nottingham launched their SNS apps to alumni and received over 1000 alumni participating within the first 3 months providing 500 updates within this time frame – including a huge number of updated employment details.


Lee Durbin, Database Team, Nottingham University


Nothing beats seeing the product in action. An online demo is a good first step and can be viewed from the comfort of your own desk.


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