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Supercharge your community by engaging a proven industry leader who has delivered success with the Aluminate Community Builder platform. To arrange an initial conversation to discuss how we can help understand your community and drive deeper connection, reach out today.

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At Aluminati, we pride ourselves on enabling strong communities by providing platforms where people interact. An online platform is an important tool, but not the entire solution in and of itself. In order to build and nurture a strong and engaged community, the tool needs to be properly wielded by a community manager like yourself. Let’s collaborate on how we can support you in the process.


Consultancy packages:

tick-icon Human Centered Design:

Understand your community to design and implement meaningful experiences.

tick-icon Platform Training:

Teaching your team all aspects of the platform.

tick-icon Strategy Preparation:

Design a unique, tailored, strategy for your community initiative.

tick-icon Communications Planning:

Create a year-round comms plan to keep your members engaged.

tick-icon Events Planning:

Ensuring your events are oversubscribed and planned accordingly.

tick-icon Resource Efficiencies:

How to organise a small team (even a team of 1!) to still deliver community success.

Our experienced consultant team is available to provide you with whatever support and guidance you need to keep growing your community and engaging your members.

Whether it’s deeply understanding your current and prospective members, developing a strategy to launch or grow a new dimension of your community, running a facilitation session to help you clearly articulate your KPIs and align your brand value, or collecting nuanced feedback from your members to drive innovation and change, we’re here to help.

Meet our consultants

Meet Dr. Nadya Pohran

Anthropologist and Community Researcher

A cultural anthropologist, writer, educator, and creative strategist who loves solving problems.

Nadya holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge where she researched the interpersonal challenges that arise in diverse communities. Everything she does is grounded in empathy and human-centered design principles: she helps individuals and communities to see the world with new perspectives and to create and implement holistic, nuanced solutions.

She is utterly fascinated by individuals and systems and is extremely driven and dedicated to understanding people, uncovering problems, and designing and implementing solutions.
Her areas of expertise include education experiences, religious diversity, cultural differences, mental wellbeing, and healthcare.

An interesting mix between what are often called “Type A” and “Type B” personalities, Nadya loves efficiency and is meticulously attentive to details, but also upholds and nurtures mental wellbeing in herself and others. In addition to her advanced academic degrees, Nadya is a certified Yoga Instructor, a sound healer, and published author.

She has 8 years of experience in research design and qualitative methods and can select from her toolkit in order to understand the unique pain points and desires/needs that your community members have.

Nadya uses her insights about human thought and behaviour to enable clients and teams to truly understand their members and to design and implement meaningful experiences which enhance connectivity and belonging.

You can learn more about Nadya at

Meet Rebecca Cedrone

Enterprise Alumni Experience Strategy

A seasoned brand and marketing strategist who thrives on solving complex business challenges with cross-functional partners. Rebecca prides herself on her ability to navigate matrixed organizations, develop collaborative, senior-level partner relationships, build critical networks, and bring together diverse stakeholders to execute complex strategies. She has a proven track record of delivering meaningful impact to people and ROI to businesses and philanthropic organizations.

She has over 22 years of experience in corporate marketing roles including design, strategy and innovation. Most recently she developed the future strategic direction for The Coca-Cola Company Alumni platform.

She developed a strategy that encompassed a broader subset of past employees to drive a deeper community and business impact. Rebecca presented the strategic plan to the executive leadership team to gain funding and execution approval. She oversaw all change management elements to drive the implementation of the strategy.

She holds a BS in Marketing and advanced certificates in Emotional Intelligence, SpeakEasy and Collaborating for Value.

Rebecca supports clients in exploring their alumni experience strategy, leadership collaboration, as well as brand and marketing communication.

You can learn more about Rebecca at

Meet Maria Gutierrez


Maria has worked in higher education since 2009, with roles at top US institutions Boston University and Harvard. Completing a Master’s in International Business from Hult International Business School further developed her expertise in project management, volunteer management and stakeholder engagement.

At King’s College London, Maria single-handedly launched and grew the King’s Connect Aluminate platform – an engagement project now respected throughout KCL. As Alumni Volunteer Manager she led a team of four staff members managing nearly 5000 alumni
volunteers worldwide.

Maria is a Behavioural Coach (certified by the British Psychological Society & the International Society for Coaching Psychology), and is also a Trainer for Mentoring Trainers, Mentors and Mentees. She is also a Core Values interviewer, having completed over 15 interviews that have led to successful hires within the team at all levels.

Meet Lisa Morris


Perpetually curious about the inner workings of things and forever intrigued by the prospect of designing a better way, Lisa has devoted her professional life to exploring and serving the humans working in and with prominent global brands and organizations.

Lisa is the founder of XPLOR, an experience design and innovation studio dedicated to the relentless pursuit of bettering the human experience of work and of
workplaces through design.

An inveterate problem solver, equal measures right-brain and left-brain, Lisa is an organizational anthropologist and creative design strategist steeped in human-centered perspectives.

She has over 25 years’ experience in diverse roles including design and
innovation, corporate culture and

organizational strategy, and employer brand strategy. She holds a BS in Mass Communications, an MA in Organizational Behavior & Communication and advanced certificates in Experience Design, Design Thinking and Service Design. She is currently pursuing a degree in graphic design.

Lisa facilitates clients and multidisciplinary teams in exploring human behavior in organizational ecosystems, developing experience strategies and designing engaging and emotive experiences. She also serves as an experience-centricity coach and an innovation catalyst.

You can learn more about Lisa at or at


Maria has helped us to get the mentoring programme off the ground by providing invaluable advice and content. She enabled us to focus on a number of key communications with different target groups and provided both the content and segmentation for these. As a small team, working with Maria saved us a lot of time and resource and has helped us to grow the programme much more quickly than we would have done on our own; she has saved us a good few months of work.

It has been great to speak to someone who understands the pressures of running the platform single-handedly and we wouldn’t have seen the growth we have in the last 6 months had we not worked with Maria.

The mentoring resources provided by Maria are great and have been very well received by alumni and students. They are generating a lot of views on our Digital Library and saved us a lot of work in sourcing these resources ourselves.

The whole consultancy process was very straightforward and easy to do, and working with Maria has been an absolute pleasure. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and has been a great support to me in other areas of the platform as well.

Emma Deabill
Alumni Relations & Development, University of Portsmouth

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To arrange an initial conversation to discuss how we can help understand your community and drive deeper connection, reach out.

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