Our team

Aluminati is home to a powerhouse of sector experts, technical wizards and dedicated support staff. Meet us below.

Daniel Watts

Managing Director, Founder

Daniel leads the Aluminati team and has overall responsibility for defining the company’s technical and business strategies and with his deep sector knowledge he leads product innovation. Daniel founded the company in 2002 when he graduated from Oxford with an honours degree in Computation. An expert in online engagement, Daniel is regularly invited to speak at industry  conferences and is in regular attendance at multiple CASE events per year.

In his spare time Daniel enjoys the physical and mental challenges of basketball and has also coached the Darwin College ladies team to Cambridge championship titles for 4 consecutive years.

Derek Watts

Director, Corporate Strategy

Derek has been involved with Aluminati throughout its existence and remains one of the major shareholders in the business. With over 30 years’ experience in founding and growing successful international enterprises, Derek’s knowledge and guidance has been essential to the success of the company. As the owner and Managing Director of Nitritex, a phenomenally successful global cleanroom and medical consumables supplier, he contributes invaluable high-level leadership to Aluminati.

Roger Garner

Systems Manager

Roger joined the company in 2005 as a Systems Developer and is our longest serving member of staff. With his comprehensive knowledge of the company’s technical systems, Roger leads the software development team, keeping abreast of latest technologies and ensuring our internal processes run efficiently so we can continue innovating across the range of Aluminati products.

Louise Wong

Client Success Manager

Louise joined the team in early 2015 as our Client Success Manager to lead the client and customer support team. She is responsible for working closely with our clients to understand their needs and manage the smooth delivery of deployments and projects. Post-launch she shares expertise on how to get the most from our applications. Louise is not only the main contact for clients, but she also manages Aluminati’s marketing, events and internal recruitment. She has a sound commercial background and experience developed in the fast-paced Sales and Marketing Recruitment industry, working with clients across the Education, Technology and Professional Services sectors.

Taylah James

Project Management Officer

Taylah joins aluminati in 2016 to facilitate the smooth implementation of client projects. Having worked several years for an expanding legal firm setting up additional offices she brings developed organisational skills to the multiple complex projects Aluminati has running at any one time.

Emily Grant

Quality Control Supervisor and Illustrator

Emily joined Aluminati in our support team and has risen up  the ranks through support supervisor to her current position as Quality Control Supervisor. Emily now works closely with the development team to ensure that new features and bug fixes are up to muster. Nothing goes live without her approval and the development team strives to win it! The multi-talented Emily is our first aider and, having a degree in Illustration also contributes her creative talents.

Michael Cariaga

Quality Control Technician

Michael is an electronic engineering professional with experience working in South East Asia. He works with Emily to ensure quality is maintained by performing thorough feature testing and system testing. He also carries out SEO analysis of our sites and provides direct administrative support to the Managing Director.

Andi Sherratt

Systems Administrator

With 20 years’ experience in the industry, Andi fulfills the critical Systems Administrator role and ensures that our server infrastructure remains available despite constant growth. A truly dedicated hero, Andi responds at any time of night or day to ensure that any problems are resolved immediately. His previous experience working at a company protecting militarily sensitive data enables him to also take a crucial lead on securing our systems and data. Andi is a keen and accomplished homebrewer, often bringing in small samples to share.

Mihai Paunete

Systems Administrator

A graduate in Infomatics from the University of Bucharest, Mihai brings over 12 years experience in systems administration to the company. His role is to maintain the stability and reliability of Aluminati’s servers both internal and external and help plan for future expansion.

Fabio Camilli

Designer / UX Developer

Fabio is our talented Italian Designer, creating new engaging and attractive interfaces for our products, sites and marketing materials. Using the modern wonders of technology, always seen with his trademark cap he only removes it to wear a helmet to ride his classic white Vespa.

Krisper Nõlve

Systems Developer

Krisper was very much a 21st century recruit. Having applied for the role from his homeland in Estonia, we interviewed him over Skype and were impressed by his direct no-nonsense answers to our technical questions. Krisper flew over to join us in 2012 and has been a core part of our development team, working on new products and features for our membership. Krisper likes to microwave oven pizzas and no one knows why.

Joshua Welham

Systems Developer

Josh joined us in 2013 and adds several years of web software development experience to our team having worked on several projects through his own company and a new startup. He is currently taking a leading role on a key architectural project. A keen cyclist, Josh pulls up to work on his bike each morning ready to attack his code with the same enthusiasm as he attacks the roads. His dream is to one day have a bouncy castle at work.

James Martin

Web Developer

With an Internet Technology degree from Portsmouth and several years of experience working agency-side, developing websites and web apps, James joined the Aluminati family in 2015. James is a master of dog agility, with his trusty sidekicks, Toby and Pepe.

Jason Wright

Accounts and Logistics Administrator

Having graduated with a first class honours degree in Accounting and Business, Jason joined Aluminati to help manage the day-to-day accounting for the company, working with Mike Dube to fulfill our financial obligations. Jason also manages our global sourcing and supply services and liaises directly with our international trade customers, Shanghai office and suppliers to develop new quality products, ensuring they are delivered to specification and on time.

Julia Wu

Procurement Manager (China)

Julia heads up our Shanghai sourcing operation. With over 20 years experience of dealing with Chinese industry, Julia helps us to find the best manufacturers for the products that we supply. She leads a dedicated team including Wendy (logistics, production), Amy (new supplier research) and Grace (quality control and assurance). Together they guarantee the reliable flow of exceptional value and, high-quality goods for our customers.

Mike Dube

Consultant Financial Director

Mike provides invaluable high-level financial guidance and analysis of management accounts on a monthly basis. Mike is a fully qualified ACCA accountant with over 15 years’ professional experience, including financial responsibility for multinational companies.

Martin Richards

Regulatory Affairs Consultant

Martin Richards has over 40 years’ experience in chemistry and is the expert we consult to ensure that we comply with the various substance regulations surrounding the importing of goods into the EU. He is a long-standing member of the Chemical Hazards Communication Society and a full Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management, as well as being a BSI-trained internal auditor. Martin’s expertise on developments in REACH, CLP and, GHS is constantly updated, as he sits on committees such as the HSE’s UN sub-committee of expert stakeholder’s panel and the environmental panel of the British Coatings Federation.