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Why Online Community Platforms MUST Change (And a Big Reveal!)

Over the last few weeks, I have written a series of blogs, starting with ‘Should [...]

UWE Bristol observes that community platform members are 225% more likely to give back

Following on from my previous article about using technology to build capacity, I am [...]

  • Alumni communications

Building capacity and leveraging tech to prepare your AR programme for 2020 and beyond

In my previous post, dramatically entitled Death by Disruption and Alumni Relations’ Secret Weapon, [...]

  • Disruption in education

Death by Disruption and Alumni Relations’ Secret Weapon

In my previous post, Should you call your Alumni the “C-word”?, I explore the changing [...]

Should you call your Alumni the “C-word”?

Since tuition fees were introduced in 1998, seismic shifts in attitudes have resulted in a [...]

The case for alumni relations

Universities are in most cases, stable, risk adverse institutions designed to last for millennia. With [...]

Future-proofing your alumni engagement project

Alumni relations is an ever-changing environment. With the number of alumni growing by thousands every [...]

5 ways to improve alumni engagement

The value of your network goes way beyond financial contributions, and building value for your [...]

  • Aluminate Community Builder

Announcing Aluminate Community Builder – Preview 1: Introduction

After years of development we are excited to announce the release of the latest incarnation [...]