Recruiting, hiring and onboarding, talent management, and payroll processing are just some of the many duties of the human resources department. The typical HR professional has a lot to deal with. This is why the right HR software is such a good investment.

Whether you’re a start-up company still looking for the best HR software or an established business seeking a better HR solution, this review is for you. You’ll find a range of options covering different HR environments and requirements.

This is your complete list of HR software.

What is HR software?

Human resources software is designed to help human resources professionals with their core HR processes. It can include the various aspects of attendance management, compensation management, payroll processing, and more.

Benefits of HR software

The different types of HR software solutions you use offer unique advantages. But these are the most typical benefits across all HR software options.

1. Efficiency and time savings

HR software allows you to store all employee records in one place, saving you time and effort. This is, of course, useful for payroll and benefits administration. But it is also ideal for everything from talent management to employee engagement.

When you use a comprehensive HR platform, you save valuable resources and streamline your day-to-day processes.

2. Employee engagement

A quick look at the organization’s performance metrics is usually a good indicator of how engaged and motivated employees are. HR professionals know the importance of employee engagement for employee and business performance.

That’s why HR software often doubles as an employee engagement platform. A good example of this is the Aluminate platform. Users can be organized into sub-groups to access content relative to their interests.

As soon as they sign in they can access engaging content from the digital dashboard. However, the dashboard can also communicate HR content like upcoming meetings, employee engagement surveys and more.

This is how HR teams complete HR tasks and keep staff interacting and engaged with the workplace culture. By monitoring employee interactions with the platform, HR teams get deeper insights into the employee experience.

list of hr software

3. Data and analytics

Of course, HR software enables you to conveniently store employee data and income details in one place. However, this is not the only data you should be concerned about. HR teams need access to various types of information to make data-driven decisions about workforce management.

HR software allows this through easy access to data analytics and reporting features.

4. On-the-go performance management

Measuring employee performance is another important duty your HR team is tasked with. Fortunately, most HR software options include performance management tools to make this task easier. HR teams can measure performance on the go, and be constantly in the loop about how well employees are doing.

This means that HR teams can always keep an eye on workplace performance, even while working remotely.

Your complete list of the best HR software

The best HR software enables HR teams to provide both the workforce and the company with better services. This list of HR software features six top solutions for workforce management, each with a unique focus on specific HR processes.

1. Aluminate for Enterprise

While not specifically designed for HR management, Aluminate for Enterprise is a highly versatile platform that can meet many of your core HR needs. If you already have a payroll management solution but need a way to engage your employees better, this is the ideal choice.

Aluminate for Enterprise can be used as an HR software solution for most aspects of employee management. However, it is especially useful for enhancing the employee experience. This keeps employees engaged and motivated from the onboarding stage onward. A free demo is available.

Main Features

  • Manage both current employees and corporate alumni networks in dedicated platform groups.
  • Market events, offer learning opportunities and study materials, and facilitate mentorships.
  • Stay up-to-date with social data sync for your growing workforce, with a profile for each employee.
  • Engage your entire corporate community with every login to the digital dashboard, with industry news more, tailored to their interests.


Aluminate for Enterprise is part of the Aluminati platform, offering bespoke services to meet your requirements. Fill out our pricing form to get an estimate tailored to your needs.

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2. BambooHR

BambooHR is an HR software solution offering payroll processing, time tracking, and even an applicant tracking system for your recruiting needs. It serves as an employee database from the hiring and onboarding stage.

BambooHR has two plans, Core and Pro, with add-ons ideal for growing businesses with changing HR needs. The difference in features between the two plans is very detailed, and a video tour of the HR products is available.

Main Features

  • A comprehensive software solution for workforce and payroll management.
  • Flexible pricing plans and optional added features.
  • Data analytics and reporting allow you to make data-driven decisions about your workforce.
  • An applicant tracking system and onboarding feature make recruiting and hiring simple.


Pricing is not indicated on the platform. You may request a free price quote on the platform.

3. is a scalable platform for workplace management. It’s ideal for smaller and start-up companies who need one platform for everything from project design and management to marketing and human resources.

Although not designed exclusively for HR use, its simple dashboards, automations, and integrations allow HR teams to fulfill most of their tasks such as employee communications and feedback.

Main Features

  • Versatile management platform with simple, user-friendly dashboards.
  • Distribute forms and collect feedback from employees with ease.
  • Upload any file type for easier collaboration with other departments.
  • Define and track goals for employee engagement and motivation.


The final price you pay will depend on the number of team members/users which are called “seats”. The platform’s pricing includes a free plan for two seats only. There’s a Basic plan for $9 per month per seat, a  Standard Plan for $12 per month per seat, and a Pro Plan for $19 per month per seat.

Enterprise plans are available. You can contact their sales department through the platform for a quote.

4. Gusto

Do you need fast and accurate payroll processing and compensation management with time tracking and tax-compliance features? Gusto may be the HR software solution for you. Automated payroll and other benefits admin features allow you to complete these regular tasks faster and with fewer errors.

Gusto has three price plans: Simple, Plus, and Premium, but charges a monthly fee as well as per user. This is not a particularly affordable option, which may put it out of reach for small businesses with tight budgets.

Main Features

  • Automate payroll and benefits distribution for accurate handling of payments.
  • File taxes and remain compliant with HR regulations for your industry.
  • Manage hiring, onboarding, and talent management all on one platform.
  • Gain deeper insights into employee performance with Gusto’s data analytics.


At the time of writing, the Simple Plan costs $40 per month and $6 per month per person, while the Plus Plan costs $80 per month (currently discounted to $60 for a limited time) and $12 per month per person (currently discounted to $9 for a limited time).

The Premium Plan has exclusive pricing, and a quote is available from their sales department.

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5. Workday

Make the most of your HR team’s skills with the help of AI, on Workday. This platform uses AI to map your workforce’s skills and identify top performers. The platform’s HR features allow for flexible workforce planning based on data analytics, as well as central administration of employee benefits.

You can view short demos for the various HR features, which helps to determine which features you need. You can also request a free trial for the platform‘s financial and reporting tool, Workday Adaptive Planning.

Main Features

  • A flexible platform for small and medium-sized businesses to handle their HR needs.
  • AI technology takes the hard work out of identifying employees with the right skills for upcoming posts.
  • Infographics, bar graphs, and charts allow you to visualize employee and business performance.
  • Manage benefits and employee transactional data in one user-friendly system.


There is no free version of the Workday platform. Unfortunately, there is also no transparent pricing. You will have to contact their sales department through the platform for pricing information.

6. Rippling 

Rippling is a workforce management system that includes finance, IT, and HR products on one platform. It’s a full-suite HCM with multiple payroll management, benefits admin, talent management, and performance tracking features.

A 30-minute product demo can be scheduled on the platform, and a free quote is available. Rippling charges per user but also calculates pricing per service used. It may not be the best choice for businesses with higher staff numbers but lower budget allowances.

Main Features

  • Manage the entire employee lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding, with Rippling’s HR Cloud product.
  • Pay employees in minutes, and remote workers in their local currency.
  • Oversee health and retirement benefits on the same platforms as payroll.
  • Track employee work hours and sync with payroll.


Rippling’s pricing starts at $8 a month, per user, at the time of writing. However, the final price you pay is dependent on the services you use. You can request a free custom quote on the platform.

list of hr software

Streamline your HR processes and more with Aluminate for Enterprise

HR software offers several benefits, including time savings and higher efficiency. It can provide on-the-go performance management, employee engagement, insightful data analytics, and more.

In this list of HR software options, you’ll find a platform that can handle your most urgent HR processes. But if you’re looking for a versatile platform to keep employees informed and engaged, and streamline your communications with them, you need Aluminate for Enterprise.

Aluminate is a corporate community network, talent management system, and HR software solution all in one. As the world’s most customizable platform, it is whatever you need it to be. Request a free demo today.