Talent acquisition is the process of identifying and acquiring the most qualified candidates amid the competitive business landscape, for your organization. Talent management happens next.

Talent management helps you manage those talented individuals, honing their skills and increasing their value to the company. And a talent management system incorporates all those talent management processes, so you get the maximum value out of each talent management process.

In this guide to the seven benefits of a talent management system, you will learn how the right talent management platform allows you to access multiple benefits.

What is a talent management system?

Talent management is the process of managing and developing your workforce. It consists of strategies to identify top talent and develop employee skills to enhance your talent pool and fill in skills gaps your company needs.

A talent management system is an integrated software solution that unifies and simplifies all these talent management processes.

There are several key elements of a talent management system, starting with the onboarding process to engagement through to employee retention. While these are all separate processes in their own right, they are all connected. Each one naturally flows into the other.

Why you need a dedicated system for your talent management processes 

All of the branches of talent management are connected. This is why it’s essential to bring them all together in a comprehensive yet user-friendly talent management system.

It’s a simple step that leads to employee progress, higher employee satisfaction, and long-term business success. An effective talent management system also takes a lot of the pressure off HR teams, helping them boost employee morale and performance through talent recognition and skill development.

Top 7 benefits of talent management systems 

Here are the top seven benefits of talent management systems.

1. Streamlined recruitment process

One of the first steps along the talent management journey is the recruitment of top talent.

But your talent management system can only truly work for you if you’re attracting the right candidates with the right skills in the first place. And your top job openings often require skills that members of your corporate community already have.

Take advantage of this, and use the Aluminate for Enterprise platform as your enterprise social network, corporate alumni network, and talent management system. Your job posts on the platform will quickly be seen by the most ideal candidates.

benefits of talent management system

2. Smoother onboarding

An effective talent management system is a multi-faceted tool that can facilitate every step of the employee lifecycle.

The more positive the employee experience, the better, as it leads to a major boost in engagement and a significant reduction in employee turnover. This is where the right platform makes all the difference.

With Aluminate, onboarding new employees is a breeze. They can easily access onboarding materials and essential documents via the digital library, and they can create profiles and connect with other employees through the user-friendly directory.

By using Aluminate as a social enterprise network, it becomes a platform for encouraging employees to become involved in the company culture, as well as motivating employees along their career journey.

3. All employee information in one place

A talent management system allows you to collate all employee data in one place. This streamlines all your admin, HR processes, and even your workforce planning.

Aluminate allows you to create profiles for every employee, making your interactions with them, and their interactions with one another, simple and convenient.

4. Employee training and development

A talent management system can be your workforce’s one-stop shop for learning and development resources to aid in their professional development.

The Aluminate platform not only serves as a path to career advancement but also helps your workforce planning and succession planning efforts. That’s because it is so versatile. It serves as a digital repository for tutorials, but can also integrate your corporate alumni network for quick and easy mentor matching.

5. Enhanced employee experience

The best talent management systems also enhance the employee experience, from boosting employee motivation to facilitating employee development. Aluminate is a good example of this, allowing streamlined sharing of resources with lower training costs across your entire organization.

The Groups feature makes this even easier, with targeted resource sharing amongst team members, ideal for both interdepartmental and remote teams.

benefits of talent management system

6. Increased engagement

One of the biggest, yet often unexpected, benefits of a vibrant and dynamic talent management solution is increased engagement. And employee engagement should always be a top priority. It’s one of the biggest factors in employee retention because engaged employees are more likely to stick around.

It’s usually easy to measure engagement through polls, interviews, or even annual employee engagement surveys. But to keep staff engaged takes continuous effort. Of course, it’s a lot simpler to ensure employees feel valued with Aluminate for Enterprise.

You can virtually guarantee engagement with Aluminate’s ‘for you’ page feature. It shows every user valuable content that speaks to their needs and interests, as soon as they sign on and check the digital dashboard.

7. Efficient performance management

Monitoring your business performance allows you to determine what you’re doing right, and what you need to get right, to achieve your corporate goals. However, each member of your organization has their duties to perform to help you realize these business goals.

When you use a versatile platform like Aluminate for your talent management system, you can tie in this performance management. This helps you get the most out of the talent pool that you have. Review their performance regularly with reviews and surveys, but don’t forget the importance of setting goals.

Enjoy all these benefits by investing in Aluminate for Enterprise

An efficient talent management system allows you to store employee data, manage employee performance, and offer development opportunities that benefit both your employees and the company. The key is to use the right platform to enjoy the many benefits of a talent management system.

With the right talent management software, you will enjoy many benefits. Your human resources team benefits from efficient workforce planning. Your workforce will benefit from engaging interaction and development opportunities. And the business as a whole will enjoy organizational success.

Aluminate for Enterprise is one of the most customizable and dynamic talent management solutions available. It brings onboarding, talent management, employee engagement, corporate alumni management, and social networking all together on one diverse platform.

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