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Business leaders worldwide have learned that building a strong corporate community is the key to creating a resilient business. But what is a corporate community, and how do you build one for your business?

You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in this guide to corporate communities.

As the creators of platforms like Aluminate for Enterprise, we know what organizations need to build a robust online community. Join us as we uncover the definition and benefits and give actionable advice for building your corporate community.

What is a corporate community?

What is a corporate community, and why are corporate communities important?

A business’s corporate community network typically includes members (employees and leadership) from within the organization. However, it can go beyond an internal network to include corporate alumni and other external stakeholders, such as partner businesses and collaborators, clients, and suppliers.

A corporate community thus becomes a centralized platform for all stakeholders to connect, collaborate, and share resources.

The structure and membership of a corporate community may differ from one business to another, but the idea behind it remains the same. It’s a space for members, united by common business interests, to connect, collaborate, network, and socialize.

Benefits of a corporate community platform

Having a corporate community platform comes with many benefits, not only for the company but for every stakeholder involved.

For corporate alumni

One of the most beneficial elements of a corporate community is that it allows continued engagement among corporate alumni.

Keeping the lines of communication open with your past employees, particularly those in leadership positions, leaves the door open for them to return later if they wish to do so. This happens so often that they have coined the term ‘boomerang hires’.

Your alumni can maintain the relationships they forged within the organization and continue to feel valued. They have gained more experience and expertise since leaving your organization and can share new industry insights in networking events, or through mentorship programs.

what is a corporate community

For current employees

What is a corporate community worth without your current employees? They are the company’s backbone and should be supported wherever possible. A community platform within the company is perfectly suited for inter-organizational communication, collaboration, and resource allocation.

A corporate community allows members to connect with colleagues and access wellness, career development, or mentorship programs. It is also the ideal space for the leadership to show them recognition and for employees to practice peer-to-peer recognition.

With Aluminate’s digital library feature, employees can access tutorials on skills development. Our Groups Module allows them to find mentoring opportunities within your alumni organization. As soon as they sign in, they can find everything they need quickly and easily from the digital dashboard.

For external stakeholders

Corporate communities offer external stakeholders benefits, too. A corporate community is all about establishing and maintaining connections, but it can also be used to exercise and develop corporate citizenship.

A corporate community platform is where like minds can meet and develop relationships that benefit business operations as well as community relationships. An example is collaboration and partnership on new business innovations and corporate philanthropy projects.

For your company

Corporate communities offer the biggest benefits to the companies they are associated with. Establishing a corporate community platform is the most efficient way to enhance brand loyalty, gain insights, boost operational efficiency, and engage your community.

A corporate community can be used as a springboard for greater community engagement and for introducing community initiatives in corporate social responsibility.

Your company can use the corporate community platform for everything from announcing important new business developments to corporate giving. It can increase employee engagement through content designed to address employee concerns, support workplace camaraderie, and build skills.

By acknowledging dedication to the company, supporting education, and increasing job satisfaction, the company reaps the benefits of a happy and productive workforce.

Using the platform to showcase the company’s values also leads to increased brand loyalty and an enhanced employer brand.

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Key features of a corporate community platform

What is a corporate community best known for? Networking, engagement, recognition, and recruitment come to mind. However, to achieve any of these, certain key features are necessary.

User Segmentation

Corporate community platforms often incorporate some form of user segmentation so that all users find what meets their unique requirements and interests.

With the Aluminate community builder, everyone on the platform has a unique profile, and users see the most relevant content for their needs and goals.

Resource sharing

Sharing resources is easy with the right community platform.

With Aluminate, your members can access a digital repository of resources, always available when they need it. They can also share their expertise with others on the platform.

Collaboration tools for corporate community involvement

Corporate communities are crucial for enhancing collaboration. But this does not need to be confined to business collaboration.

Members can work with external stakeholders and alumni to facilitate social responsibility campaigns and other events. This is made easy through Aluminate’s groups and virtual chat features.

Feedback mechanisms

Need to get the pulse of your corporate community?

Corporate communities are excellent sources of feedback and insights from employees, alumni, and other stakeholders. The same platform you use to encourage their communication and engagement will provide your human resource management team with the feedback they need.

How to build and grow your corporate community

Identify stakeholders

The first step is to identify the stakeholders you would like to add to your platform. Internally, these include your employees and corporate alumni. Externally, these could include business partners, suppliers, clients, customers, and any other related community organizations.

what is a corporate community

Choose the right community platform

The platform you choose must have the features you need for interaction, communication, and collaboration. It must be user-friendly and engaging, but also customizable and scalable. Above all, it should fit into your budget and offer value to the company.

Aluminate for Enterprise is a perfect example that ticks all the boxes. It is an affordable and easy-to-use platform suitable for corporate community building, alumni management, employee engagement, talent management, and much more.

It is also the world’s most customizable online community platform. Our users typically enjoy a 20% increase in internal hires, a 6% increase in employer appeal, and a staggering 44% increase in employee retention with our community management platform.

Promote engagement 

Finally, promote engagement on your platform. There are various ways you can do this. By sharing valuable industry-related content, updates, job openings, achievements, and event invitations on your platform, you keep your company at the top of the minds of your community members.

They will be constantly engaging with your company and other members, leading to new collaborations, teams, projects, and opportunities for everyone involved.

Measure success

Use the analytics and insights the community platform offers to tailor your community engagement efforts. You can also take the proactive approach, and use the platform for polls and surveys, or take it a step further by introducing a ‘suggestions’ page.

This is where members can contribute more actively to the business with their unique perspectives. By allowing employees to contribute in this way, you engage them more and make them feel valued within the organization.

Cultivate your corporate community with Aluminate for Enterprise

A corporate community is the embodiment of everything your company is built on. It is the heart and soul of your organization, made up of the people working together to make the company a success. Including not only internal staff and alumni but also external stakeholders can offer your company and members endless benefits.

When you choose Aluminate for Enterprise as your corporate community platform, you achieve several things at once. All stakeholders can communicate and collaborate toward common goals. The community also becomes a space for further learning and enrichment for individual members.

Request your free demo today to start cultivating your corporate community.