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In an effort to enhance its alumni engagement and create a vibrant, interactive community, the University of St Andrews has recently partnered with Aluminati, a leading provider of alumni networking and mentoring platforms.

The university’s platform, Saint Connect, aims to connect current students and alumni through volunteering, mentoring, and various networking opportunities. This move comes after the University of St Andrews faced challenges with a previous platform provider, prompting them to seek a more reliable and future-proof solution. We had the opportunity to speak with Edward Findlay, Alumni Relations Officer, Karen Hall, Assistant Director (Opportunities) and Jenni Turnbull, Opportunities & Events Coordinator to delve into the motivations behind this decision and the benefits of Aluminati’s platform.


Photography credit and copyright: University of St Andrews

The Importance of Mentoring

One of the primary considerations for the University of St Andrews was the emphasis on mentoring within the platform. Recognising the immense value of connecting alumni with current students as well as alum-to-alum mentoring, the university wanted to foster a culture of mentorship and support. The Saint Connect platform offers robust mentoring features that allow alumni to share their professional expertise, guidance, and insights with students. Through this mentorship program, students and alumni can benefit from the experiences and knowledge of their alumni network, enhancing their academic and career prospects.

“We are now able to have a really interactive community where alum and students want to connect through volunteering and mentoring, combining development and careers departments”.Edward Findlay – Alumni Relations Officer


Future-Proofing the Platform

Aluminati is an innovative platform that aims to align with the university’s long-term objectives. In today’s dynamic digital environment, it becomes paramount for institutions to select adaptable platforms capable of keeping pace with technological advancements. With Aluminati’s flexible and scalable solutions, the university hopes to effortlessly integrate emerging features and functionalities, thus ensuring an engaging and forward-looking platform for its alumni community well into the future.


Enhanced Visual Appeal

Aluminati not only addresses the functional requirements of the university but also offers a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. The platform’s intuitive design and modern aesthetics create an inviting environment that encourages alumni and students to actively participate. With visually appealing profiles, easy-to-navigate menus, and attractive event listings, Aluminati’s platform enhances the overall user experience and fosters a sense of community among its users.

Photography credit and copyright: University of St Andrews

Creating an Interactive Community

The University of St Andrews aspires to cultivate a highly interactive community where alumni and students actively connect, collaborate, and engage with each other. Through Saint Connect, the university aims to facilitate meaningful connections that extend beyond traditional networking. The platform’s advanced features, such as volunteering opportunities, enable alumni and students to collaborate on various projects and initiatives. By promoting these interactive experiences, the University of St Andrews encourages lifelong engagement and reinforces the sense of belonging within its alumni community.


Aluminati’s Track Record

Another significant factor that influenced the University of St Andrews’ decision to partner with Aluminati was the company’s impressive track record and experience in the field of alumni engagement platforms. Aluminati has successfully implemented its solutions at prestigious universities worldwide, building robust and thriving alumni communities. Their expertise and understanding of the unique needs of higher education institutions make them an ideal partner for the University of St Andrews.



The University of St Andrews’ partnership with Aluminati marks a significant step forward in enhancing alumni engagement and fostering a dynamic community. With a focus on mentoring and a commitment to creating interactive experiences, Aluminati provides the university with a future-proof solution that aligns with its long-term goals. By addressing previous challenges, offering an appealing visual design, and benefiting from Aluminati’s extensive experience, the University of St Andrews is poised to create a vibrant and engaged alumni community that extends well beyond graduation. Through Saint Connect, alumni and students alike can connect, collaborate, and forge lasting connections, enriching the University of St Andrews experience for all.

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