This is Daisy Brown.

Daisy is an alumni database assistant who is very good at her job. She used to love it too – until her grumpy boss tasks her with uploading all 10,000 of their LinkedIn member profiles to their database…by hand.

Save Daisy

The sad story of Daisy Brown

1st Chapter

Daisy loves her job.

She is an alumni database assistant, and is very good at it too! She gets to do cool stuff like data analysis and is even teaching herself SQL.

2nd Chapter

to be continued…

3rd Chapter

to be continued…

How SNS Helps

SNS stands for Social Network Sync.

SNS allows your alumni to share their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles to your database using your own branded connector app. The process is incredibly simple and just takes a few seconds. Once connected, SNS monitors their profiles continuously and provides database friendly updates direct to you

SNS is Safe to Use

Daisy’s boss was taking several big risks by instructing Daisy to ‘scrape’ the data by hand. Doing so is actually against the terms and conditions of the platform and puts you in a grey area with regards to data protection. SNS uses the official LinkedIn API and is Data Protection Act Compliant.

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