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As an HR professional, you are tasked with recruiting the very best candidates for your organization. You are with them every step of the way, from hiring, employee onboarding, and training to advanced HR payroll processes, performance management, and recognition.

Human capital management carries a lot of responsibility. It is no wonder that 98% of HR professionals feel burned out, which is far more than other occupation categories in the global workforce. Fortunately, human resource apps can help.

With so much to do in the HR department, we understand that you do not have the time to comb the market for the best one. So we have made choosing an HR app for your employee management simpler. Here is your guide to the six top human resource apps for 2024.

What are human resource apps?

Human resource apps offer a simpler approach to many of your most common HR functions, like hiring-related tasks and engagement strategies. You can track hiring processes, onboard employees, and compile performance reviews.

Automation of key features streamlines HR workflows further. This is helpful for small businesses with less HR staff. The best HR apps are also mobile-friendly, allowing you to access employee information remotely.

Every aspect of HR management is simplified, from basic day-to-day HR operations to more specialized HR management functions.

Benefits of an HR app

Human resource desktop and mobile apps offer many businesses not only for HR professionals but also for the businesses they work for.

1. HR apps enhance employee engagement

The more engaged employees are, the more productive and connected to the company they are. This is why we focus so much on facilitating employee engagement on our platform.

Aluminate’s top engagement features include customizable member networks and groups. Here, employees can communicate with one another and with external corporate community members, and discover more about the company culture.

You can even set it to automatically subscribe new hires to certain groups, based on their interests.

Besides the recruiting and hiring process, keeping employees engaged is one of the most important HR tasks. Human resources applications enhance employee management and engagement, by enabling employees and HR departments to stay in virtual contact.

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2. HR software increases efficiency

Increased efficiency is one of the biggest benefits of human resources applications. Thanks to apps specially designed for HR teams, human resource professionals can do more in less time.

Want to save time on your more mundane and repetitive tasks, like reminding employees about upcoming meetings, or managing surveys? Aluminate allows you to handle such tasks on the digital dashboard. When users sign on, they will automatically see everything that is happening on the platform.

Have a team-building event planned? Let everyone know with a posting on the events board. By using these online tools for quick and easy communication, you will free up more time for the more important core HR tasks.

3. Data-driven decision-making and analytics

Human resources processes often call for some tough decisions. You need to base your decisions on employee information, facts, metrics, and insights, easily accessed in one central location, like our digital library.

This allows you to more accurately predict the outcomes. Human resource applications offer the key metrics and data analytics that HR managers can base data-driven decisions on.

6 best human resource apps for 2024

Do you want to be able to track employee progress, stay on track with employee scheduling, and access payroll tools, even from a mobile device? Here are the top six HR apps to consider in 2024.

1. Aluminate for Enterprise

Aluminate for Enterprise is the corporate offering from Aluminati, an ultra-versatile community platform. It’s the top choice for HR professionals looking for a comprehensive solution to all of their most challenging tasks, including recruiting, talent management, onboarding, and employee engagement.

  • Aluminate for Enterprise is the best overall HR app, offering a holistic approach to human resources and corporate connections. You’ll be able to manage virtually every process your department is responsible for, with an affordable and easy-to-use platform.
  • Aluminate doesn’t just make recognizing and engaging your employees, or measuring employee satisfaction, easy. It also offers peer-to-peer recognition, employee self-service, networking, alumni management, and everyday corporate social engagement.
  • Aluminate allows you to manage your corporate alumni too, to facilitate mentor-matching, making it unique among the other HR apps on the market.

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Request a free view of the platform, on the website, or contact Aluminati for details about their education, enterprise, and membership plans.

2. WorkTango

WorkTango is a good platform for HR teams who need help with their employee engagement and employee retention. Use it to manage your recognition and rewards program, distribute employee surveys, and access feedback.

  • WorkTango makes managing an employee rewards and recognition program easier, helping you to keep employees engaged.
  • Distribute and analyze surveys, to measure engagement and act on employee feedback.
  • Employee surveys and insights are available on one payment plan, and recognition and rewards on another. There is also a full employee experience platform, which incorporates both. However, a high minimum annual contract agreement applies to all of these options.

3. BambooHR

BambooHR focuses on essential HR tools to manage hiring processes, expedite onboarding, and oversee payroll/benefits management. Data analytics features make it easier to keep all stakeholders in the loop, with relevant and accurate reporting.

  • BambooHR’s mobile app makes your most common HR tasks easier. It is a single platform for managing hiring and onboarding, which also allows you to manage employee benefits, and monitor the employee experience.
  • Their two payment plans are flexible and can be canceled at any time. US-based features for the payroll process and benefits administration are available as add-ons. However, for exact prices, you have to request the information on their website.
  • A free trial is available on request.

4. is a customizable and scalable platform for many aspects of work management, including CRM and HR capabilities as well as project management features. This is a work management tool that can help to streamline processes in multiple departments.

  • With, you can access three products: work management, sales CRM, and development flow management.
  • There are various affordable pricing plans, including an enterprise option, and a free plan for individuals.
  • It is quick and easy to get started.

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5. Willo

Willo is a cost-effective solution for HR teams who are looking for applicant screening software. It helps you verify candidates’ identities, expedite the interview process by video link, and discuss the best potential candidates with your team.

  • Willo makes the entire candidate verification, screening, and shortlisting process simpler.
  • Pricing is based on organization size and hiring requirements.
  • Request a demo on the website, or enjoy a free 15-day trial.

6. Motivosity

Need help motivating your employees to do their best? Motivosity might be the answer. With this platform, you can create community and connection that strengthens workplace culture. Add-ons are available for recognition and rewards, as well as employee insights.

  • This community platform offers community and connection as its base features. Recognition and rewards, employee insights, and even manager development are available, but as add-ons.
  • Motivosity is available as a mobile app.
  • You can access a demo video on the website.

Manage all your HR processes with Aluminate for Enterprise

A human resource application will allow you to manage all your processes quickly and efficiently. Almost all of these apps will increase your ability to make HR data-driven decisions and improve employee engagement. However, the best HR software offers versatility, flexibility, and affordability, too.

Aluminate for Enterprise is the most customizable and flexible platform, used by countless organizations of all sizes. It is versatile enough to be used for your employee data management, onboarding, employee engagement, networking, corporate alumni management, and much more.

Request a demo today.