At our August Creating Connection webinar, we were joined for a live Q&A session with the CEO of Houston’s leading innovation and entrepreneur hub, The Cannon.


Jon Lambert oversaw the implementation and development of their new digital membership platform, Cannon Connect in partnership with Aluminati.  The platform that saw a 90% sign up rate on launch and The Cannon has already launched their next phase of the project, Cannon 2.0



The Cannon’s mission is to “create, grow and evolve the world’s most effective and valued entrepreneurial community.  One that provides every resource required to support individuals and corporations in innovation, creation and delivery of their entrepreneurial vision. It will introduce the community to places where the entrepreneurial potential is strong but where investment in that potential has not yet been prioritised”.

Read more about The Cannon’s platform, Cannon Connect and how Aluminati helped deliver their vision

The Cannon community now comprises approximately 280 companies with around 900 individual members.  Entrepreneurs, corporate advisors, investors, academics, community partners and service providers, all share the same communal space.  Even large companies, such as Shell and Chevron, rent space on the campus just to be near these startups.