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Online mentoring is a highly effective way to develop talent and create valuable relationships. In today’s age, there are excellent opportunities for you to set up an online mentoring program for your institution. This can help you increase productivity, share a wealth of knowledge, and develop powerful networks. 





Navigating these mentorship programs can be tricky though. How do you set up online mentoring programs that add maximum value? What should you do to make sure your mentorship program is successful? 

We’ll uncover seven important strategies that can optimize an online mentoring program.

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Use the Right Online Platform

Online mentoring relies on the use of technology. Without it, you simply can’t connect with mentors and mentees effectively. 

There are many different options for online mentoring platforms. This could include anything from email to social media, video conferencing tools, and dedicated networking platforms. If you want to optimize your online mentoring program, the first place to start is to use the right online platform.  

This should be a peer-to-peer mentoring network that makes it easy for mentors and mentees to connect. The platform should include powerful networking features, easy communication tools, and convenient directories. The aim of the platform should be to provide a seamless process for mentors and mentees to connect with each other and develop relationships. 

The community platform you use to achieve this should provide a user-friendly experience to keep members coming back. Without starting with a great online community and networking platform, keeping online mentoring programs engaging will be a major challenge. 



Clarify the Mentoring Program

It’s important to make the goals and expectations of the mentoring program clear, to optimize the way members approach mentorship opportunities. Highlighting the expectations will also encourage more people to join as there is no ambiguity. 

Both mentors and mentees should know exactly what is expected of them and what kind of commitments the relationship could involve. This includes things like the duration and frequency of online mentoring sessions, or any pre-session work required.

Create an action plan around these details and include them when promoting the online mentoring program. The more clarity you offer from the start, the more efficiently the program will operate. 



Allow for Self Matching

Possibly the most critical task of running an online mentoring program is matching up mentors and mentees effectively. This directly influences the success or failure of these programs.

Quite simply, if the mentorship match is not appropriate, the program will lack value. 

One of the best ways to ensure the right mentoring matches are made is to offer self-matching. Instead of relying only on algorithms that match mentors and mentees, creating an open community, or directory, where participants can find and connect with each other is important. 

To achieve this, participants will need a detailed profile that clearly explains their position, achievements, and showcases what they have to offer. 

Giving participants the opportunity to get actively involved in the matching process generally results in more beneficial and interesting mentorship relationships. 



Make the Online Mentoring Program Specific

Mentoring is most effective when the programs are focused on very specific skills and areas of development. The more specific you are about what skills the mentoring program covers, the more focused the mentorship materials and training will be. 

This also helps more relevant mentors and mentees to connect with each other.

The best way to achieve this is to run surveys and skills assessments to understand which specific skills you want the online mentoring program to focus on. The more defined these skills are, the more value the program will be able to offer. 



Provide Mentoring Support Systems

Mentoring relationships don’t just flourish on their own. No matter how skilled and experienced mentors are, they may still get lost when it comes to building relationships and handling certain queries and questions. 

Make sure that your online mentoring programs provide ongoing support and training materials for mentoring. This should include training resources, refreshers, and creating open peer networks where mentors can connect with other mentors. 

The more support there is available, the more effective and empowering the mentorship program will be.



Offer Clear Mentorship Guidelines 

To improve productivity between mentor and mentee pairs, it’s vital to provide clear guidelines for the relationship. Guidelines on things like preferred communication channels, what progress assessment will look like, or how long the program is expected to last will create a program with less confusion. 

The online mentorship guidelines should also include the tools involved, the resources available, and anything else that mentors and mentees need to know to develop and strengthen their relationships. 



Explore Different Mentorship Formats

The traditional online mentorship approach is through a one-on-one in-person setting. This works well, but there are also many other mentorship formats that you could consider. This could include things like group mentoring, or strictly virtual mentoring relationships. 

Offering mentoring programs in different formats appeals to wider groups of people, and opens up new opportunities for those who may not be interested in traditional mentorship formats. This can broaden the appeal of the mentorship program. 

When offering different mentorship formats, ensure to highlight clear guidelines, expectations, and clearly defined goals and action plans for each. Whatever kind of mentorship format you’re dealing with, it’s important for participants to know exactly what to expect going in. 




Mentorships have been a valuable learning and growth tool for centuries, and the online space only enhances these opportunities. By following the right strategies and using the right platform, developing an effective mentoring program online is easy and highly effective. 

No matter the kind of institution or organization, or what skills you want to focus on, mentorship programs are always an excellent way to enhance development, professional growth and relationships, and opportunities. 

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