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Q&A with Jean Almond, Alumni Engagement Manager

How did you hear about Aluminati?

Aluminati were recommended to me by a colleague at another University who praised the customer service for both the alumni team and their alumni. This recommendation carried a lot of weight as it came from a fellow professional who had worked with Aluminati for a number of years – I knew that they were tried and tested.

Why did you choose Aluminate for your community platform?

The Aluminate platform offered both mentoring functionality and social media functionality, which was a perfect combination for our organisation because employability is a such a priority. Also, the team are always looking to the future and offering additional modules and functions which you can add or not, to suit your organisational needs.

The key for us was a platform which offered a scalable mentoring solution to meet the needs of our large student population and complemented, rather than detracting from, our face-to-face mentoring programme.

Community Platform ObjectivesWhat has it been like to work with the team here at Aluminati?

The Aluminati team have been superb. They have so much experience which you can draw upon to see what works at other comparable institutions and really understand the needs of the Higher Education sector.


They are extremely flexible and responsive which has made them a pleasure to work with!

Maria (Aluminati’s Strategic/Mentoring Consultant) also helped us by providing tailored materials promoting mentoring to students and alumni.

I would and regularly do recommend Aluminati because of their outstanding customer service, excellent advice and the reliability of the platform itself.

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