Cambridge, U.K. — March 10, 2021 Aluminati Network Group announces their new partnership with StockCrowd. This partnership allows organisations to enhance their bespoke community platforms with sophisticated fundraising capabilities.   Communities that mobilise their members to support worthy causes now have a clear advantage in allowing users to participate philanthropically, all within their existing community environment. 

StockCrowd was founded in 2015 with the vision of helping organisations maximise their fundraising opportunities by turning their own existing websites, social media channels and community platforms into a crowdfunding platform.

StockCrowd wanted to allow online spaces for any organisation to deliver their projects and company goals together with their own communities.Stockcrowd gives back control of payments and ownership of data to the fundraising organisation, enabling it to better connect with its community and receive donations immediately rather than weeks later, as is often the case today with third party fundraising platforms. Knowing who your donors are and being able to explain how their donations have positively contributed to a campaign galvanises long-term supportsays Ben Parker, Managing Director.

Marato fundraising page, powered by Stockcrowd


By integrating StockCrowd into the Aluminate Community Builder platform, organisations, institutions and charities will have the opportunity to own their data and clearly identify who in their community is a regular giver. With this insight, organisations can create agile and robust strategies to move their fundraising programmes forward to achieve their goals. 

Daniel Watts, Managing Director of Aluminati, comments “Aluminati’s clients have successfully deployed our Aluminate community platform for the mission of ‘Friendraising’ – facilitating new personal connections and growing a community spirit that is clearly understood to also motivate financial giving. With our partnership with Stockcrowd, our community members will no longer need to leave the platform in order to financially support our clients’ initiatives. By creating this frictionless donor experience, executing fundraising campaigns will be even more successful.”

The partnership between Aluminati and StockCrowd was born out of a serendipitous meeting at a leading industry conference between Daniel Watts, Founder, Aluminati and StockCrowd’s Co-Founder Sergi Pallares.  With both company leaders sharing technical backgrounds, they embedded the StockCrowd platform into the Aluminate Community Builder then and there on their laptops, between conference sessions. “The Aluminate platform is the obvious partner of choice as it is built to bring communities together and StockCrowd provides the engine room for fundraisers to actually take action together”, says Parker.


Aluminate Community Builder


Aluminati Network Group is a CommunityTech specialist that supports enterprise, associations and educational organisations build highly tailored digital community environments. Their flagship product ALUMINATE COMMUNITY BUILDER is relied on worldwide by hundreds of thousands of private community members. Headquartered just outside Cambridge, UK, the company was founded in 2002 and is privately owned.

StockCrowd is a SaaS technology company whose software converts the website and digital channels of any organisation into its own fundraising platform.  Used by internationally recognised universities and charities as well as by some of the world’s largest financial companies, StockCrowd is the market-leading digital fundraising software across Spanish-speaking countries and launched in the UK in 2019.  Headquartered in Barcelona, the company was founded in 2015 and is privately owned.


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