28th July – Creating Connection Webinar: How to use Empathy as a Catalyst for Community Growth2022-09-26T11:05:08+01:00

Creating Connection Webinar

How to use Empathy as a Catalyst for Community Growth

Wednesday 28th July 2021 – 4pm UK / 11am ET

The Speaker

Nadya Pohran, PhD.

Anthropologist and Community Researcher

Dr. Nadya Pohran is a cultural anthropologist, writer, educator, and creative strategist. Her work is grounded in empathy and human-centered design principles: she helps individuals and communities to see the world with new perspectives and to create and implement holistic solutions. She holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge where she researched the interpersonal challenges that arise in diverse communities.

Key learning points/takeaways:

An introduction to empathy: what is it; what does it look like in action; what are its effects in our world today?

How gaining an empathy-based understanding of your members enables you to grow your community. 

Top questions you should ask yourself to deepen your empathetic-understanding of your members– no matter what stage your community is at.

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