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Working closely with the Development Office and in tandem with the MCR and JCR Presidents of Lincoln College, Oxford, Aluminati has launched an eMentoring scheme for the benefit of students at the 600 year-old college.

“The carefully devised online alumni portal focuses on creating real engagement from alumni by delivering services that are actually useful – answering “What’s in it for me?”, a question that so many other alumni portals fail to achieve,” explains Aluminati Managing Director, Daniel Watts. Daniel continues: “Our eMentoring interface is especially designed to respect the busy lives of alumni who stay in full control of the number of mentees they can support as well as the types of mentoring interaction they offer.”

JCR President, Bev Cousins, regards the launch as a major achievement for the college, creating a long overdue and valuable connection between alumni and current students. “Working with Daniel, who is so passionate about the project himself, meant that I quickly realised how eMentoring was going to work and the great many benefits it would bring to the College,” says Bev.

“We have already had feedback from alumni saying that they are willing to donate their time instead of, or even as well as, making financial gifts. eMentoring therefore seems the perfect way to make sure that Lincoln alumni feel that they are ‘giving something back’ to the College in an alternative, but equally valuable, way.

“We have also been told by current students that the central university careers service doesn’t always feel like it is ‘theirs’ and that a College-led project to help with access to careers has been something that they have long regarded as a definite gap in the services available to them.”

Bev adds: “In my view, the eMentoring scheme is one of the College’s proudest achievements, giving career advice to students that very few would normally have access to. In an increasingly competitive job environment, it is critical to gain such valuable advice at an early stage in possible career paths, and then later on, help with applications.”

Aluminati has plans to launch similar eMentoring projects in conjunction with other institutions in the near future.

To find out more about eMentoring for your alumni please contact Daniel Watts on or call +44 (0)1638 676 232.