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The prestigious King’s College London (KCL) has had outstanding success within 12 months of participating in Aluminati’s Development Partner program during which they closely collaborated in designing and testing the innovative, new Ambassadors eMentoring module.

The AMBASSADORS premium engagement module on Aluminati’s ALUMINATE platform specifically focused on recruitment mentoring. The challenge was to increase arrival rates of prospective students (particularly those based internationally) currently holding offers. Ambassadors allows prospective students to directly connect and engage with alumni from similar backgrounds so that they can ask questions from alumni that can truly empathise. Alumni Ambassadors can share their enthusiasm, valuable experience and emotional insight, addressing any concerns that prospective students may have about the institution or relocating to the area.

Maria Gutierrez, KCL’s Alumni Volunteer Coordinator driving the project, expressed that, “The Alumni Ambassadors programme is such a unique opportunity for offer holders and prospective students to get a sneak peek into life at a specific university. No one can tell that story better than alumni. For alumni the experience is fascinating, as they get to reflect and remember their times at King’s.”

Their Ambassadors eMentoring program USA pilot attracted 79 ambassadors and successfully improved arrival rates from their target country.

After just the first year of launching, KCL reported significant benefits from this programme, with the University experiencing an incredible 100% conversion rate of their Offer Holders to Students through their Alumni Ambassadors programme.

“We are extremely pleased with this positive result and this impressive, successful conversion statistic confirms the direct benefit and value that both institutions and prospective students can reap from Aluminati’s online solutions”, says Louise Wong, the Client Engagement Manager at Aluminati.

Early engagement with prospective students via this easy-to-use and easy-to-manage platform can also enhance an institution’s long term relationship once they become students and alumni themselves.

On the back of this success, KCL has renewed and expanded the program in 2015 in order to target prospective students from China and India.

We hope that other institutions follow in the footsteps of KCL as they lead the way in recruitment mentoring within the sector.

Take a look at KCL’s successful programme:

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