Talent relationship management is essential for growing your business and keeping it operating as efficiently as possible. One of the best ways to improve and facilitate talent relationship management is with the right alumni solution

Your alumni solution can be used to attract high-quality talent, improve relationships with existing employees, and maintain a strong brand perception. It’s not only about staying in touch with the people who have left your organization. 

In this guide, we’ll cover how an effective alumni solution can help with talent relationship management and the various strategies you can use to improve this. 

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What is Talent Relationship Management?

Talent relationship management is the ongoing process of attracting and maintaining the highest-quality employees for your organization. Talent relationship management focuses on the main goal of being able to build a strong and dedicated workforce, who adds more value to your organization and sticks around for the long term. 

The talent relationship management process covers recruiting, networking, and onboarding new talent. It also includes building stronger relationships with potential new talent. 

Any software or systems that organizations have in place to facilitate this process is also referred to as talent relationship management. Various talent relationship management solutions exist to help build stronger relationships with candidates and maintain their interest long after the hiring cycle has ended. 

Some strategies and areas that talent relationship management covers include:

  • Finding ways to attract high-quality talent
  • Continually developing employees’ skills
  • Engaging employees in their work
  • Finding new ways to increase internal mobility with existing talent

Talent relationship management is n essential area for HR professionals to focus on, and it plays a key role in the growth of a business. 

How Alumni Solutions Can Improve Talent Relationship Management

Some of the key advantages of engaged alumni networks include:

  • Creating long-term advocates for your organization. Some alumni relationships last a lifetime
  • Alumni networks can assist with talent referrals, references, and connections to help your organization attract new talent
  • Having strong relationships with talented alumni can help organizations access the right talent for potential re-hires
  • If current employees see that alumni gain value from the organization, their loyalty and perception of the organization will likely improve
  • Alumni act as brand ambassadors and spread positive brand awareness about your organization
  • As alumni advance in their careers, organizations can access business insights and useful  intelligence from them

Having an engaged alumni network can make an enormous difference to the way new and existing talent perceive and are attracted to your organization. Alumni networks form an essential part of talent relationship management. 

Using an Alumni Solution to Increase Talent Relationship Management

Although an alumni solution is focused on talent that has already left your organization, alumni programs are still powerful ways to retain talent. 

By strategically using an alumni solution, organizations can improve loyalty amongst employees and strengthen their talent relationship management processes. 

Here are a few ways to improve talent relationship management with an alumni solution. 

1. Introduce The Alumni Program When Onboarding

One of the best ways to build an active alumni solution and use it to improve talent relationship management is to introduce the solution early on. Instead of waiting for employees to sign up for the alumni solution when they leave your organization, register talent when they are hired. 

Doing this lets talent understand the benefits of the alumni program early on. It also gives them time to engage with the alumni solution and fully embrace it from the start. Once employees leave your organization, it can be much more difficult to get them engaged.

Another important reason behind early alumni onboarding is that it shows employees that the company is invested in their long-term relationships. This is important for maintaining strong relationships with talent.

2. Use The Alumni Program For Career Development Opportunities

One of the main reasons why employees seek new opportunities is because of a lack of career development. Career development is essential for maintaining talent and developing stronger relationships with them. Luckily, alumni solutions present the ideal opportunity to promote career development. 

Organizations can use their alumni programs to promote opportunities to advance employees’ careers. This can include things like facilitating networking events, mentorship programs, providing ongoing learning opportunities, and more.

A strong alumni platform can also be used to present internal growth opportunities to existing employees. By opening up job positions on the alumni solution and using this for recruitment, it shows the talent that career development opportunities exist. 

3. Focus On Talent Relationship Management After The Employee Has Left

It’s essential to maintain strong relationships with alumni even after they have left your organization. This is important for the many benefits that having a highly engaged alumni network offers, but it is also important for maintaining a strong reputation. 

Leaving employees are likely to leave reviews on platforms like Yelp, Glassdoor, and Indeed. The last thing you want is negative reviews that damage your business’s reputation. So, maintain strong relationships with alumni and keep providing them value. 

This can help you gain more favourable and positive brand awareness, which can help your organization attract top talent more easily. 

4. Focus On Networking And Connections

Another enormous advantage to using an alumni solution is to facilitate networking and professional relationships. By providing your employees with connections to successful alumni, they might be able to access valuable advice and opportunities. 

This is another approach that facilitates professional development, and it could be a major reason why talent maintains strong relationships with your organization. 

5. Invest in People

Successful talent relationship management is all about investing in people and hoping to gain favourable results from them for your business. Your alumni solution provides an excellent place to illustrate to the talent that you are serious about investing in their growth.

Use your alumni network to add as much value as possible. This could include interesting events and webinars, or even alumni benefits like discounts, restaurant deals, and corporate travel perks. By making it clear that you offer value and benefits in your alumni program, is how you show that you are truly invested in them. 

In return, your organization should be able to achieve a more dedicated pool of talent, while generating more positive brand awareness. 

Focusing On the Right Alumni Solution

To develop a strong alumni network, you will need to have the right alumni platform. With a solution like Aluminate, organizations can create convenient and highly valuable alumni networks. 

The alumni platform determines how your alumni connect, communicate, and engage with your organization.  Ensure you use a platform that offers enough opportunities if you want to strengthen your talent relationship management. 


Your alumni could be your secret to finding the best possible talent and retaining your existing employees. 

This is because your alumni network is an excellent way to add value to employees and show that you take your relationship with them seriously.

Even if the alumni leave your organization, maintaining a strong relationship with the could still have many benefits for our talent relationship management strategy. With the right alumni platform and tactics, your talent relationship management can be completely transformed.