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“I’d be dead without it”, reads the headline of this compelling Guardian article on the transformative effects of mentoring programmes within the UK care sector.


The article I’d be dead without it’: how mentoring is changing the lives of care leavers in Scotland’, by Eve Livingston, shines a spotlight on a programme which helps vulnerable young people look towards the future.  In people that may otherwise have become a victim of their circumstances, a study that saw 81.6% of mentored pupils going on to college.

With unemployment rates hitting their highest level in three years as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, mentoring is more important than ever and the ability to run these programmes online is crucial if young people, students and graduates are to find jobs.

Our own recent study ‘The Effects of Mentoring on Employability’ involving the analysis of over 27,000 mentoring relationships on our platforms, presents compelling evidence that clearly demonstrates the tangible impact of mentoring on employability for graduates.

Over the last decade, Aluminati has facilitated tens of thousands of mentoring relationships on their Aluminate platform. The subjects of these programmes tend to be students or young graduates. We were able to leverage the substantial amount of hard data gathered to gain critical insights into the effectiveness of mentoring.

“The results are exciting, to say the least.  Jobs were found 300% faster amongst the 18-23-year-old participants, revealing a strong relationship between mentoring and employability”. Maria Gutierrez – Strategic and Mentoring Consultant, Aluminati Network Group.

Whether you are a university or a business mentoring is a key support strategy for the people important to you. What are you doing to facilitate these life-changing connections? Programmes often start small – a couple of dozen participants – all run off a spreadsheet. And when they succeed and scale, there are platforms that can help with that.

The evidence is clear – mentoring really does make a difference.

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