Following the positive response to our announcements before Christmas, throughout 2013 I hope to communicate, on a more regular basis, what is going on at Aluminati.

Latest news:

  • Aluminati CREATIVE Launches! Need a professional website? We can help.
  • Better Customer Communication
  • Direct Debits now available
  • Account bolt-ons
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Uptime Report

Aluminati Creative launches!

Need a professional website? We can help.

We are incredibly pleased to announce the launch of Aluminati Creative. Using the skills of our in-house design team, Aluminati Creative is available to produce professional grade digital content with a special focus on servicing the freelance and small business sectors in which many of our professional alumni members work.

Whilst many of you use our incredible value Personal Webhosting (from £5/year), for very simple websites, we are often approached by our members seeking something a touch more professional.

By offering a variety of efficient process methods we have focused on bringing costs down by minimising the amount of time wasted by traditional design back-and-forth exchanges. If you have a clear idea of what you want we are the ideal team to deliver your vision at a reasonable price.


‘Prompt, courteous communication ensured that I felt very much involved and informed at each stage of the process, my feedback was actively requested and swiftly responded to, and the team were keen to work with me to ensure the timely delivery of an attractive, professional website.’

Michelle Herbert (Cambridge Alumna)
Freelance Copyeditor and Copywriter

A London agency can set you back £10,000 or more for a professional but otherwise fairly simple website. By controlling the delivery process, working with “switched on” clients, and cutting out corporate long-windedness, we can deliver the same level of quality at a small fraction of the price.

Of course should you genuinely need a more extensive and considered approach we can also run the full design process with creative workshops, branding placement and messaging exercises along with a full length multi-step “review and revise” design process.

As a launch special, we are offering a 25% discount on all design projects to current Aluminati members. To enquire please simply fill in our query form and we will get back to you very quickly.  Make sure to enter your alumni email address to qualify for the discount!

Improving customer communication

The results of our member survey suggest that most of you feel we should be communicating to you a little more frequently than we have been. As such I will try to write an update every month (or three) from now on.

In addition to this we launched an Aluminati News twitter page a short while ago which lets us communicate to you during periods where problems prevent you from accessing our webpage. Please follow us on twitter.

Direct Debits now available

Several of you have said that the task of renewing your subscription every year is a bit of a chore and asked if there was an easier way. We are pleased to say that our integration with online direct debit provider has proved successful with nearly 200 direct debit mandates being approved since November.

If you wish to set up a direct debit please log in to your My Account area and click Payment Portal. Select Direct Debit Subscriptions and set up a New Subscription. Your next subscription will then be taken automatically, avoiding the hassle of sending a cheque or typing in a long credit card number.

Of course all payments by Direct Debit are completely protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee!

Account Bolt-ons

Did you know you can add on POP access to the free webmail account? Or double your email quota for just £5/year? For those of you who didn’t, check out the bolt-ons that are available to add on any time to your email account subscription. Within My Account just click on Upgrade Subscription next to the email account you wish to upgrade.

Uptime Report

As part of our drive to deliver a service you can depend on we have set a target of 99.9% uptime for 2013. January suffered from two short incidents but these were resolved quickly enough for us to remain on target so far with a January uptime of 99.97%. For calculation purposes, the time involved for partial outages & degradation in performance is taken at 50%.

By publishing these figures on a regular basis we hope to communicate the importance we place on providing a service that is there when you need it.

Yours sincerely.

Daniel Watts