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For many people in the corporate and education sector, forging enduring relationships is more valuable than ever, which is why an alumni management system is incredibly useful. In fact, having a solid corporate employee and alumni management platform allows people to keep in touch with the network they’ve built up even after they exit their job role or place of study.


What is an alumni management system?

An alumni management system is a platform that facilitates the building of digital communities for niche markets such as universities and businesses. It also offers a myriad of high quality solutions facilitating any engagement needs across your institution, whether it is mentoring, group management, data updates, or event marketing.

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What are the objectives of an alumni management system?

As the most customizable platform in the world, an alumni management system is multi functional and has many benefits for both education and enterprise sectors.

For higher education institutions in both the UK and USA, it aims to unlock the power of your community by creating a private online space that encourages the formation of new meaningful inter-member relationships.

In the education sector, it intends to assist higher education sector specialists who manage alumni relations departments such as alumni directors, alumni relations officers, careers managers, directors of alumni engagement and directors of careers.

With a professional team that includes higher education sector specialists, this product aims to assist institutions in mentoring existing students by giving them access to an alumni network. This can be useful in a range of scenarios, including if a student is facing a language barrier and can benefit from connecting with a fellow speaker. An alumni management system can also introduce existing students to the workplace and get them into jobs, thus building their confidence and expanding their career prospects.

For organizations, understanding employees and nurturing their personal and professional development is the most important thing a business can do for its workforce. Integrating an alumni management system aims to enhance employee productivity, boost retention and improve job satisfaction by consolidating everything on one employee experience platform. It aspires to help professionals to unlock the opportunities within your community and deliver value for your organization.

Improving the kind of technology and software your organization uses is not only important but also key to overall success. When managed properly, it can drive rehiring and referrals, increase internal recruitment, enable professional growth and accelerate employee onboarding.

For both sectors, it strives to enhance time management capabilities by minimizing manual administration associated with community engagement, mentoring programs or event management. It supports data accuracy as it is updated automatically using social media and this member data can also be used to update an organisation’s central database. It also aims to have increased member opportunities by community building across time zones, global engagement for groups and peer-to-peer community building.

Improve your alumni management with Aluminati Network Group

As a highly customizable product, Aluminati is a proven platform in the marketplace and its bespoke nature allows communities to manage themselves. As a system that is bought by organizations and used by individuals, this product is also scalable to complement user numbers with a vibrant existing client community that can provide peer-to-peer support. It is perfect for customers who are searching for a single alumni platform to manage and engage their community.

At Aluminati, we specialize in designing bespoke networking software for customers in the corporate and education sector. As Aluminati is the most flexible alumni management platform in the world, why not contact us to arrange a demonstration?

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