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Considering investing in an alumni engagement platform but unsure of the benefits?

If one of your key marketing goals is to increase alumni engagement, investing in an appropriate platform could make all the difference, but how?

Below, we explore the meaning of an alumni engagement platform, how these platforms work, and the role alumni engagement plays in supporting your organisation.

What is an alumni engagement platform?

Put simply, an alumni engagement platform is an online system where you can find and use all your alumni management tools in one place to help boost alumni engagement.

Whether you need to update data, create an event, or scale up your alumni mentoring programme, you can do it all with an alumni engagement platform.

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What is the role of alumni engagement?

Alumni engagement is simply the way in which institutions maintain and build relationships with their alumni (either previous graduates from the education sector or previous employees from the corporate sector). Below, we explore the role this engagement (and therefore an alumni engagement platform) plays in supporting these institutions.

Generates word-of-mouth marketing

An engaged alumni audience is essential for supporting invaluable word-of-mouth marketing. This word-of-mouth marketing can improve the reputation of the institution and help the organisation to build a greater network of alumni (in both social and professional circles).

Increases placement opportunities

With a strong and diverse alumni community, you can help current students/employees find relevant and sought-after placement opportunities either during their time at the institution or after. In turn, this can improve student/employee satisfaction, increase the pool of suitable role models, and help support alumni mentoring programmes.

Improves fundraising prospects

With an alumni engagement platform you can easily arrange alumni fundraisers, helping your institution to raise money for new equipment, building work, or facilities. From selling tickets for auctions and talks to organising formal dinners and reunions, there’s no shortage of ways to fundraise.

Discover Aluminati’s alumni engagement platform

At Aluminati, we know that the right alumni engagement platform has the potential to substantially boost alumni engagement and accelerate your organisation in a wide range of areas.

This is why we developed the world’s most customisable community alumni management platform.

Suitable for using in the education and corporate sector, this flexible engagement platform is built to fit your community rather than forcing your community to fit into a set mould. Instead, you can manage and engage every member of your community in one place with ease.

Designed to support new and meaningful alumni relationships, you can update existing pages as well as create new spaces for your community to connect. Scalable and sophisticated, this all-in-one tool is ideal for alumni mentoring, group management, data updates, and event marketing.

To learn more about this innovative, world-first alumni engagement platform and how it can support your organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact the knowledgeable team here at Aluminati. Alternatively, why not request a personalised online demonstration to take a closer look?

You can also speak directly to a member of our team by giving us a call on 01638 676 232 or contacting us via email. Have an enquiry? Get in touch on social media – we’re active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!


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