After months of planning and development, Aluminati Network Group has launched a new alumni email service for The University of Edinburgh.

By necessity, the new service,, has been integrated into Edinburgh’s existing system to add valuable facilities and resources previously unavailable to university users. Daniel Watts, Managing Director of Aluminati, takes up the story: ‘When students are at Edinburgh they simply log into to access their student email. And now, when they are due to leave their place of learning, the content within that portal is updated to show alumni information. This includes a tab called ‘Alumni Email’.’

‘The system we have developed specifically for Edinburgh allows users to migrate all their student email to their new alumni account, together with their complete address book. They can also set up forwarding from their student account to their new alumni account for as long as their student account remains open.’

‘It was quite a challenge to integrate the new system into the existing Edinburgh portal, with many quirks encountered along the way! But I and the ANG team are delighted to be able to use this system as a fine example of the bespoke services we can offer. Rather than merely off-the-shelf solutions, it shows we can work with any existing systems to achieve the desired results – quickly and cost-effectively.’

The Edinburgh Alumni Email system went live in the middle of September and within three weeks nearly 1000 Edinburgh alumni were registered users.