The sad story of Daisy Brown

Chapter One

Daisy loves her job.

She is an alumni database assistant, and is very good at it too! She gets to do cool stuff like data analysis and is even teaching herself SQL.

This morning Daisy had a meeting with her boss.

Her boss is a bit scary (especially in the morning when he is grumpy).

Daisy didn’t like to let her boss down but today she had happy news!

In the meeting she told her boss that they had reached 10,000 members on LinkedIn! He was so pleased he forgot all about being grumpy!

Then the boss said: “Daisy, I want you to update the database with all the data in those LinkedIn profiles.”

‘But… Hmmm…’ Daisy thought, scratching her head. ‘How can I do that?’

But Daisy didn’t want to let her boss down. She spent all day looking for a solution. She checked everywhere in LinkedIn for an ‘Export Data’ option. But there wasn’t one to be found anywhere! She checked everywhere in her database for an ‘Import from LinkedIn’ function. ‘Oh dear!’ Daisy thought. ‘There is nothing for that either.’

Disheartened, Daisy told her boss that she had tried very hard but there wasn’t any efficient way she could find to get the data from LinkedIn into their database.

“Well, do it by hand then!”

said her boss, grumpily (her boss was usually grumpy in the afternoon as well).

Daisy returned to her desk. 10,000 records to update by hand. Oh my! She started at the first one. It took her ages to compare all the data fields one by one and copy and paste the updates. But Daisy didn’t want to let her boss down.

Time passed slowly.

Three weeks later Daisy still had 8,000 records to go.

Daisy didn’t want to let her boss down . . . but daisy was sad.

Daisy didn’t love her job any more.

Continued. . .

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