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A worthwhile addition to any educational institution, an alumni mentoring program can be beneficial for current students and alumni alike.

Want to provide extra support for your students? Well consider creating a dedicated alumni mentoring program.

Read on to find out exactly how…


What is an alumni mentoring program?

An alumni mentoring program is a supportive scheme often implemented by educational institutions to help their students connect with alumni in their chosen career field.

Typically, these programs focus on the transferral of work-related skills and experience from the alumni mentor to the current student mentee.


What is the purpose of an alumni mentoring program?

The ultimate goal of any alumni mentoring program is to help the mentees develop personally and professionally – preparing them for the world after they graduate.

This involves pairing mentees with alumni that have professional experience in the mentee’s area of career interest. The alumni will then guide the mentee with personalised advice and all-important feedback.

While the exact mentoring process will vary between organisations, they tend to have the same objectives. To help mentees achieve their personal goals, the alumni mentor can help the mentee to communicate more effectively or to become more confident when delivering a presentation, for example.

While these universal personal skills are not necessarily essential to developing a career, they are incredibly beneficial in the professional world and can be taught through experience. Typically, however, these alumni mentorship programs are designed to help the mentee kick-start their career before they even graduate from the educational institution.

As well as offering tailored advice and guidance, they can also use their network connections to help mentees find and apply for relevant training, experience, or full-time work opportunities.

To support mentees with the development of their career, alumni mentors can also help to identify a niche that aligns more appropriately with their professional interests.


Connect your alumni to current students

If you want to foster new and meaningful relationships between alumni and current students, then investing in an alumni mentoring platform is essential.

Here at Aluminati, we’ve developed an intuitive and flexible alumni engagement platform specifically designed for the education sector to help promote these beneficial relationships.

Featuring an impressive selection of administrative tools for staff, helpful content tools, and a wide range of interaction modules, there’s plenty to do and explore.

Our alumni engagement software is well-suited for facilitating mentoring, so introducing an alumni mentoring program is no hard task with the right tools.

An alumni mentoring program is fundamental to helping current students grow while also being incredibly rewarding for the alumni mentor.

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