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Struggling to achieve your alumni association goals?

Adopting a strategic approach to your alumni association goals could make the results even more impressive for your educational institution.

Fortunately, we have years of experience helping universities and colleges to build new and meaningful relationships, strengthen their network, and reach their goals.

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What are the goals and objectives of an alumni association?

The ultimate goal of any alumni association is to build a strong network that can support and complement the wider aims of institution. To achieve this alumni engagement, it’s worth setting a range of objectives. We explore some of these objectives in more detail below; spoiler, it’s not all about driving those donations!

Develop a global community

With the sheer range of travel options and opportunities for studying and living abroad, students that attended a UK university could find themselves living in practically any country in the world. A focus on developing a global community can therefore nurture a sense of belonging that surpasses borders and encourages engagement from across the globe.

Encourage two-way communication

While it’s vital that you can send your alumni updates, it’s just as important to ensure they can get in contact with your organisation. Two-way communication channels using a dedicated platform can provide alumni with the opportunity to connect with one another as well as the relevant staff, helping to promote collaboration.

Seeking regular feedback from your alumni can also be instrumental to improving the efficacy of your alumni association.

Connect with prospective students

When you have prospective students on campus, the presence of alumni can be incredibly influential when it comes to encouraging them to study at the institution. Not only can alumni enlighten prospective students regarding the experience of studying at the university or college, but they can also provide them with invaluable career insights and wisdom.

Foster a spirit of loyalty

A sense of loyalty is essential to the continued success of every educational institution. By hosting events, organising thoughtful campaigns, and adopting a philanthropic approach, an active alumni association can help to instil this spirit of loyalty in both current students and alumni that graduated decades ago.

Achieving your alumni association’s goals with Aluminati Network Group

Eager to achieve your alumni association goals?

It’s no secret that the right tools can be instrumental in helping your alumni association to obtain its objectives.

Cue, Aluminati and the world’s most customisable community alumni management platform.

Specifically designed to help educational institutions drive alumni engagement and student mentoring opportunities, this scalable and extensive platform allows you to build a platform around your community rather than force your community to fit into a set mould.

To learn more about our innovative alumni engagement platform for the education sector, don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable team today.

If you’d rather see the platform in action, then why not arrange a personalised online demonstration to discover how it could help you achieve your alumni association goals?

Alternatively, you can also get in touch by simply calling us on 01638 676 232, contacting us via email, or reaching out on social media. We’re active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so please feel free to contact us if you have an enquiry.

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