Aluminati Partner Programmes

Aluminati has always enjoyed collaborations with institutions which take an interest in its products and vision.

Development Partner Programme

Accurate and customer focused product development is at the heart of Aluminati’s success in building relevant products. We tend to build products that the alumni sector needs because we actively partner with key institutions to ensure we get the product right. Development Partners are forward-thinking institutions who are happy to push the cutting-edge of online alumni services. They help us formulate and refine services, providing vision, testing and feedback throughout the product development cycle.

Development Partners end up with the perfect product for them and benefit from discounts should they take up the product once it is ready to go live.

Product Partner Programme

Product partners are those institutions who we feel have the right team and environment to really excel using our products.

No product can deliver success without a dedicated and driven alumni team behind it to ensure the appropriate marketing is carried out and the necessary oversight is given.

Product Partners are given ongoing discounts which vary according to the product. In return they agree to help spread the story of their success with their Aluminati product.

Programme advantages include…

spanner and driver graphic

FREE installation
of the module / service

wallet graphic

30% DISCOUNT OFF annual fees of relevant product or module for 2 years

piggy bank graphic

Ongoing product
discounts / free upgrades

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Flexible payment arrangements (e.g. deferred setup fees)

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Extra focus and advice from Aluminati to make your deployment a success

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Industry recognition
for your achievements

Which Programme is right for You?

Advantages DPP PPP
Discounts off setup or annual fees ppp-icon
Industry recognition for results dpp-icon ppp-icon
Flexible payment arrangements dpp-icon ppp-icon
Additional product support dpp-icon ppp-icon
Free Product Installation dpp-icon
Up to 70% discount off bespoke development costs dpp-icon
10% – 30% discount off annual fees * dpp-icon
Help develop a new product to fit your requirements dpp-icon

* For 2 Years

Client Contributions DPP PPP
Active engagement in product formulation, refinement & development dpp-icon
Agreement to act as referee for other institutions dpp-icon ppp-icon
Provision of “Why we chose Aluminati” statement for publication dpp-icon ppp-icon
Provision of Client Testimonial for publication after 6 months “live” service dpp-icon ppp-icon
Co-operation in production of Case Study of product installation, including metrics ppp-icon
Lead author White Paper on Aluminati product experience and benefits ppp-icon
Co-presentation of a talk at a UK conference at least 12 months after launch, speaker expenses covered ppp-icon

Development PartnerProduct Partner

How do I become a Development Partner?

Do you think you have identified a gap in the market or a need that is not currently fulfilled?

Do you have the desire to help to develop a product which will answer that need?

Can you offer practical help with focus groups and beta testing resources?

If you can answer “Yes” to these questions, then you may be the right institution to partner with us to develop or refine a new product. Take a look at the benefits and contributions outlined above, and then contact us to find out more

How do I become a Product Partner?

Is your Alumni team exceptionally professional and creative, with an excellent track record in marketing and delivering successful programmes?

Do you have the ambition, resources and drive to devote the extra time and energy needed to become a sector-leading institution?

Would you be happy to lead the field, documenting and sharing the secrets of your success to help other institutions?

If you can answer “Yes” to these questions then you may be the right institution to partner with us for success with a cutting-edge product, and to get the recognition your team deserves. Take a look at the benefits and contributions outlined above, and then contact us to find out more.