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The Global Alumni Relations Report 2018 presents findings from across the globe with an impressive 93% of institutions recognising the need to offer online communities.

As the trend in alumni engagement continues to grow across the world, let us show you how to reach, engage and mentor your alumni.

We create thoughtfully designed online platforms for engaging people across your whole institution.

Our integrated suite of products drive engagement, optimise data quality management and engender a lifetime of communication.

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Aluminati is proud to support the production of the inaugural 2018 International Alumni Relations Report. This highly accessible report details key findings of CASE’s alumni relations research initiatives.


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Aluminate Portal

77% of institutions have mentoring programmes. Aluminate's mentoring module is widely considered the market leading mentoring solution.

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Social Network Sync

93% of institutions offer some kind of online community but SNS unlocks data from the world’s biggest online communities - Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Email 4 life

Email for Life

Nearly half of all institutions offer lifetime email. Aluminati runs Email for Life services for some of the world’s top universities.

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Cambridge Universtity

We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Aluminati to other Universities

The Global Alumni Relations Report 2018 features the work Aluminati conducted with Cambridge University to leverage online technology to create meaningful connections with alumni.

Read the full testimonial from Morven Knowles, Alumni Relations Manager, University of Cambridge.

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