Struggling to give your alumni network the boost it needs?

To help you determine what your network might be missing, we’ve carefully put together a list of some of the best alumni networks in the UK today.

Each university highlighted provides their alumni with a range of sought-after benefits that promote a supportive and active network.

Below, we explain what these benefits are and how five UK universities are using these perks to improve the scope and quality of engagement from their respective alumni networks.

What is an alumni network?

An alumni network is simply a social network composed of former students from a particular institution.

When properly utilised and incentivised, an alumni network can work wonders for an organisation.

From contributing to fundraising efforts to supporting existing students, an engaged and active alumni network boasts many advantages.

What are the benefits of a strong alumni network?

A strong alumni network has countless benefits, including advantages for the institution itself, current students, and alumni.

Playing an invaluable role in marketing, fundraising, and mentoring, an extensive and engaged alumni network is highly sought-after by both educational and corporate communities.

Organic marketing

Unlike many forms of marketing that involve paying for ads or an exchange of goods and services, an alumni network can provide organic word-of-mouth and online marketing on behalf of the university. By sharing news articles published by the institution on social media platforms, the university gains more awareness.

Fundraising support

A strong alumni network can be essential for organising and contributing to fundraising events. Whether you want to raise money for a cause close to the university or for the university itself, charity events, auctions, online campaigns, and exclusive merchandise can all be used to promote alumni donations.

Mentoring opportunities

If your alumni network is filled with professionals in various locations and industries, you’ll be able to create a more inclusive and extensive mentoring programme.

Current students are therefore more likely to benefit from forming these professional relationships with industry experts, helping them to build relevant experience and skills in preparation for leaving the educational institution.

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Which alumni network is the best?

While there’s no ‘best’ alumni network, there are some top contenders that are worth checking out if you want to improve the breadth or quality of your alumni network.

To help you identify and research some of the best alumni networks in the UK, we’ve highlighted some fantastic examples below.

  1. University of Bristol

Boasting their own alumni magazine (Nonesuch), the University of Bristol has a thriving alumni network. This can be attributed, in part, to its frequent alumni event opportunities, various communication channels, and connection to a selection of causes that encourage donations.

This university also strengthens its alumni relationship by offering network members access to its library, event spaces (for hire), and botanic garden membership.

Complete with exclusive postgraduate study and hotel discounts, the University of Bristol gives its network every reason to stay engaged.

  1. City, University of London

A prime example of a strong alumni network, this university has more than 150,000 graduates in 170 countries around the world. Providing alumni with a selection of ways to get involved, they can choose to support certain causes, volunteer, or donate to the university.

An exclusive Alumni Card is also available for the university’s graduates, providing them with access to Northampton Square Library, Bayes Learning Resource Centre, and a discounted membership to CitySport.

It also provides a selection of UK-based and abroad alumni events organised by both the university and fellow alumni.

  1. Aberdeen University

Boasting 100,000 alumni in 170 countries, Aberdeen University is another fantastic example of a UK institution with a thriving alumni network. Offering alumni an opportunity to support current and future students with their Student Hardship Fund and other philanthropic ventures, it also hosts regular in-person and online events for alumni to attend.

Thanks to a dedicated alumni hub, former students of Aberdeen University have easy access to a host of discounts and exclusive services. This includes a University Library and Aberdeen Sports Village discounted membership alongside a variety of discount from alumni-owned businesses.

  1. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford has gone one step further than many educational institutions in the UK to create a dedicate website for its alumni. Featuring a digital alumni magazine, exclusive discount and offers, more than 150 regional alumni groups in over 90 countries, as well as a variety of events, there’s no shortage of alumni activities.

With opportunities to donate, offer an internship, and get involved in in-person and virtual events, this university’s thoughtful and inclusive approach to alumni has helped it to form a strong alumni network.

  1. University of London

With a focus on celebrating, debating, and collaborating, it’s evident the University of London aims to make its alumni tools as accessible as possible for its graduates (from over 190 countries) no matter where they are in the world.

It has created an alumni magazine, hosts a variety of events around the world every year, and offers a wide range of free online courses.

Aluminati’s alumni network program

At Aluminati, we know the benefits of a strong alumni network for a university can be substantial. That is why we developed the world’s most customisable engagement platform for the education sector.

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Also featuring a whole host of tools such as a directory, grouping function, digital library, and interactive chat messaging, bringing your organisation together has never been easier.

This intuitive platform is therefore ideal for boosting alumni donations, driving engagement, and supporting the institution’s greater marketing efforts.

To learn more about how this customisable platform could support your organisation, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team today. Alternatively, we also provide personalised demonstrations for institutions that are eager to discover how the platform could meet their specific alumni network needs.

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