Are your alumni events not receiving the turnout that you were hoping for – Perhaps it’s time to consider the accessibility of your alumni programs and whether it can be improved to help boost that sought-after alumni engagement? Below, we explore why alumni programs are so important for enterprises and the education sector alike before showing you how you can make your alumni program more accessible!


What is an alumni program?

An alumni program (also more commonly referred to as an alumni association) is a group created by an organisation to help them stay in touch with their former employees or students. These mutually beneficial alumni programs can also be used to provide support to alumni by giving them access to a whole host of resources, network connections, and even offering them an array of discounts.


Why are alumni programs important?

Creating an engaged and supportive network of alumni using an alumni program is vital to the success of any organisation. For enterprises, brand advocacy and talent acquisition are some of the most common reasons for introducing an alumni program. Universities and other educational organisations can also benefit from alumni programs as they encourage word-of-mouth marketing and contribute to fundraising projects.

Alumni, on the other hand, often decide to take part in an alumni program because they feel a sense of loyalty to the organisation, but can be encouraged to participate more frequently with perks and rewards. These rewards may come in the form of travel discounts, networking opportunities, and events. Ultimately, alumni programs are important for both organisations and alumni, but a well-researched and easily accessible alumni program is instrumental to the success of any organisation.


How to make your alumni program more accessible

Open up your support network

While you may believe that an alumni network only benefits the organisation or alumni, this simply isn’t the case. Alumni programs create a network of professional connections that can be used to benefit current students or employees, too. From helping them to obtain new skills and take advantage of volunteering opportunities to encouraging them to connect with the appropriate mentors, this supportive network of contacts should be made accessible to everyone involved with your organisation.

To achieve this goal, you’ll require the right tools. We recommend investing in a platform where peers with similar interests are easy to find and connect with. You’ll then need to advertise the platform as well as its benefits, explaining how current employees or students, alumni, and organisation staff can access the platform and get the most out of it.

Branch out from traditional communication

Communicating with your alumni is no longer limited to traditional physical newsletters and email updates. Instead, there’s a whole host of technology and different types of content that you can use to communicate with your alumni. From webinars and podcasts to videos and even live-streaming events, alumni can easily access these forms of communication while perusing their social media accounts.

Not to mention, these forms of alumni communication can also feature subtitles, closed captions, open captions, transcripts, and audio descriptions that can help the deaf and hard of hearing, as well as the blind and visually impaired, to have full access to the content. These resources are typically easier to share, too, helping the organisation to reach a wider network of connections.

Collect regular feedback

One of the best ways to ensure your alumni program is as accessible as possible is to simply ask your alumni! Sending out regular questionnaires and conducting research into which events they would or would not attend can help you to accurately assess the accessibility of your program. Are they aware of upcoming alumni events and new benefits? If not, you may need to improve your lines of alumni communication.

Collecting and acting on this feedback will help you to improve accessibility in the exact areas that it’s lacking – simply listen your alumni!

Host virtual alumni events

Following on from your alumni leaving your organisation, it’s unlikely that they will have settled in the same city or even country! While physical alumni events are a great way to introduce members of your network to one another, asking them to attend a physical location can lead to a smaller turnout especially if the event is not planned well in advance.

To help boost the numbers at your next alumni event, why not considering hosting it online? Virtual alumni events allow easy access for your alumni regardless of their location. They’ll no longer have to worry about the financial implications of attending an event or the added time and effort involved in travelling to a set location.

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