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Aluminati has partnered with EPIC People to deliver its brand-new community engagement platform.  Rebecca Whitton, Head of Client Success at Aluminati is now working with the team at Epic to build the platform to their bespoke specifications.


Aluminati was incredible to work with throughout sales and onboarding. This was not your average sales process—our questions, programs, and functionality requirements were explored deeply and worked through in detail.

They went the extra mile to ensure that we were fully informed and comfortable with the implementation we envisioned before we made an investment. The continued care and attention in training and support makes it clear that building strong, long-term relationships with clients is core to Aluminati’s culture and business.

We are excited to be working with an organisation where our feedback will be heard and taken into consideration for potential product releases in the future!


About Epic

EPIC promotes the practice of ethnography to create value in industries, organizations, and communities.

EPIC is a nonprofit membership organization, global community, and annual conference that supports the professional development, learning, and leadership of people who practice and promote ethnography.

EPIC People hail from all sectors—industry and consultancies, governments, universities and design schools, NGOs and research institutes. We’re united in our work to ensure that innovation, strategy, products, and services are anchored in a deep understanding of culture and people in their everyday lives.


Need your own community engagement platform?

At Aluminati, we help organisations and institutions from all around the world to build, grow and engage with their communities.  Get in touch today for a bespoke demonstration of the world’s most customisable community platform.