ALUMINATE eMentoring: Visual Guide

Becoming a Mentor


The Dashboard allows all users to see a variety of useful mentor information at a glance, enabling them to quickly access every area of the system and become or search for new mentors. Visual Lists and Alumni Map enhancement modules help them quickly browse mentors by location, industry experience, course and offered service.

Mentor Profile

The Mentor Profile is presented upon your first log in and allows any member to instantly become a mentor. Profile information includes professional history, areas of expertise, education and a short bio about your background.

Mentor Controls

The choice to become a mentor and to what extent remains always in the member’s control. The mentor specifies exactly the services they can offer, from email advice to full on work experience or internships, and defines the maximum number of mentees they will handle at any one time.

Finding a Mentor

Mentor Search and Filters

The search option will filter any results in a number of different ways to ensure that the results are tailored to your needs.

Geographical Visualisation via Mentor Map

A prompt will be shown if any candidates from your search can be pinpointed on a map.

View Mentor Profile

When viewing another mentor profile, you can see what particular services they are offering, how many mentoring relationships they have completed and whether they are available. You can then send them a private message, or a mentoring request specifying the services you would like to take up.

Making a Mentor Request

Using the ‘Mentor Request’ option opens a window where you can select the desired services available from that particular member and add a personal message.

Mentor Request Dashboard

View your pending mentor requests and check their status. You can reply to messages, approve or decline requests and open the profiles of the relevant contact.

Active Mentor & Mentees

Keep up to date with your mentors/mentee relationships on your personal mentoring dashboard. Schedule meetings, send emails and request or send CVs to different contacts all in the same place.

Mentor ‘Next Actions’ and Activity Scheduling

Once a mentoring relationship has been agreed it is important to encourage the mentor and mentee to take steps to ensure the agreed actions are followed through. We allow participants to do so within Aluminate. For example uploading a CV or scheduling a meeting directly within the platform.

Admin Tools

Fully Visible Service Metrics

Customers have full access to metrics such as the number of mentors registered, mentoring services offered, messages sent, requests made and accepted and of course the full history of every mentoring partnership. All data is exportable to your database and linked to your own ID for easy import into your database.