Project Description

In line with strategic goals to enhance student experience and employability, the University of Wolverhampton’s Alumni and Development Team introduced a graduate to student mentoring programme in 2013, which is based on a face-to-face relationship, with mentors and mentees matched by the Programme Co-ordinator (Alumni Relations Manager). The programme successfully increased in numbers year on year, and receives over 100 applications from mentors and mentees, but in turn, demanded more resource to manage this.

Feedback from participants and potential applicants (both graduate and student) identified that an online e-mentoring platform would complement the existing programme, and enhance the University’s overall mentoring provision to all students. In particular, the online nature of the platform would make it possible for mentoring to be much more accessible to all members of the student and graduate community, regardless of their geographical location (e.g. international) or individual time commitments. An online platform would offer participants flexibility and control over how and when they mentor/are mentored. It would also allow mentees to be able to easily search themselves for mentors and request from those that would be the most useful to them.

The Aluminate¬†product was the University’s chosen platform as it could meet the University’s needs and due to Aluminati’s experience with both pre- and post-92 Universities, Aluminati’s technology partnership with Blackbaud and the platform’s flexibility for enhancements.

The WLV Alumni Community platform was launched by the University of Wolverhampton and the WLV Alumni Association in May 2017. Students and alumni can benefit from free career advice, access opportunities and network with the University of Wolverhampton’s global alumni community of over 100,000 graduates.