Project Description

The University of Roehampton deployed their Aluminate platform, Roehampton Connect, for alumni and student eMentoring at the end of October 2015.

Prior to Roehampton Connect, mentoring was organised by the Careers team through a paper-based matching scheme. Although this was successful, it was limited in terms of scale and flexibility for users and there was limited access to alumni data.

Roehampton’s senior management team formally recognised the importance of mentoring for their students and they wanted a platform that would allow for numbers to grow. Their main objectives for a platform were to increase the number of students receiving mentoring, to allow undergraduates to expand their network, and to grow their alumni relations programme and expand affinity.

The University of Roehampton chose Aluminati to help them solve these challenges due to their reputation and specialism within the Higher Education sector, the platform’s ease of use and the positive feedback from other Universities.

[Aluminati are] very professional, easy to work with and very approachable.

Working as the Mentoring and Volunteering Coordinator at the University of Roehampton and using Roehampton Connect as our online mentoring and networking platform was very engaging and rewarding. It was wonderful helping our students and recent graduates build their professional confidence, and letting our alumni and supporters know that we valued their dedication as mentors. Switching from a paper-based scheme, we were able to create Roehampton’s e-Mentoring Scheme from scratch with Aluminati’s help  and watch it flourish.

Alice Kolandjian, Mentoring and Volunteering Coordinator, University of Roehampton

The platform is now run by the joint Alumni Relations and Careers team, and can now be accessed by all students, all alumni, staff and friends of the University. With 1,250 members and 250 willing mentors available so far, the membership and use of the platform continues to grow.

Roehampton have received positive feedback from both mentors and mentees, who have cited benefits such as being able to give back and the good feeling of providing support/advice to others, and being able to quickly and easily find the right mentors with the advanced search function. Following a survey, 93% were likely to recommend Roehampton Connect to others.