Project Description

Nottingham partners with Aluminati to develop SNS

After seeing an early prototype of Social Network Sync (SNS) in 2011 Nottingham has been at the forefront of developing social network data tools since engaging with Aluminati as a Development Partner.

Nottingham helped guide the design and functionality of SNS resulting in a super clever interface that allows the ‘syncing’ of data from profiles from LinkedIn and Facebook. Nottingham’s participation enabled Aluminati to see how data flows in and out of university databases – in their case a Raisers Edge installation. This means that our product now works in the real world of alumni data processing and offers a solution that, in their own words, made a previously impossible data challenge: “quick and easy”.

Nottingham launched their SNS apps to alumni and received over 1000 alumni participating within the first 3 months providing 500 updates within this time frame – including a huge number of updated employment details.

Nottingham have also continued their close relationship with Aluminati, acting as a Product Partner happy to be contacted about their positive experience with Aluminati.

Reference Contact:
Lee Durbin – Database Team

In 2015, Nottingham partnered with Aluminati again to extend eMentoring to an ‘Advanced’ level

The mentoring programme at Nottingham had been running successfully since 2010, increasing steadily year on year. However this programme was limited and inflexible, running from October to Spring each year, and was highly admin-intensive, requiring manual matching of pairs. Aluminate’s new Advanced Mentoring became the solution that would enable Nottingham to upscale their programme whilst maintaining its high level of quality and satisfaction. Working alongside Nottingham’s Careers, Alumni Relations and Volunteering departments, the Advanced Mentoring module was designed and built to extend the existing self-managed eMentoring function, but allows for admin moderation.

Nottingham’s eMentoring Online service went live in November 2015, but would be progressively rolled out to various stakeholder groups.

Here at The University of Nottingham we partnered with Aluminati to develop an on-line mentoring solution , linking together students with mentors from the alumni community. At the heart of our approach was the need to ensure a high quality match resulting in a positive experience for both parties. Aluminati have worked closely with us to reflect this requirement in the design of the solution.

The team have been incredible with communication. We couldn’t thank Aluminati enough for responding to emails and phone calls in a very efficient way. We went live on time, and we are really pleased with the system.