Project Description

Driven by demand from the Trinity Alumni Association, the Alumni Relations and Development office of Trinity College in Cambridge selected Aluminati to provide their own branded, secure online platform that would offer a networking tool with an online directory, would facilitate mentoring and would ultimately allow for greater alumni engagement.

The platform will support both alumni-alumni open mentoring as well as more managed, alumni-student mentoring schemes, and will in particular allow Trinity to upscale and more efficiently manage their manually-matched mentoring programmes for law and engineering students.

In addition, alumni will be able to view their peers across the world via an interactive map, view exclusive Trinity alumni events,  and will in the near future also be able to join and manage international alumni groups based on geographical region or special interest.

Declan Hamilton, the Alumni Relations Manager at Trinity College explained why they chose Aluminati to solve their challenges and objectives and highlighted their positive experience,

Essentially the product that Aluminati offered was considered to be the best currently on the market. It met the current need, and [with the upcoming] chapter management module, should potentially be ‘future proof’.

Emails are replied to promptly and expectations have generally been well managed. Interaction is always friendly but professional.

The new Trinity Members Online platform was deployed smoothly and was soft launched in August 2017 initially to a group of primary volunteers, and will later be rolled out to around 11,000 alumni as well as fellows of the College.