Project Description

Lincoln’s student president demands eMentoring

Lincoln college was an early customer of our Aluminate platform, originally using the core elements to fulfil their requirement for a searchable online directory. The main driver for this was to help manage the numerous requests per week they were getting from alumni to be put in touch with other alumni. The directory helped to alleviate this by giving alumni the ability to search and contact other Lincolnites directly.

In 2012, the college’s student president, Arthur Wakely, was elected with a mandate to bring mentoring to Lincoln. Following a meeting with him, the Development office and Aluminati, Lincoln was made a Development Partner and we started to create a mentoring module to connect students with volunteer alumni mentors.

Aluminati worked with the development office and Arthur to design, build and test a fully working eMentoring system on top of Aluminate. The college and students were able to have direct input into the design of the system which is the reason behind why the interface is now considered so intuitive.

Lincoln continues to help Aluminati as a Product Partner and regularly produce inspiring stories about successful mentor-mentee experiences. They are also happy to be contacted about their experience with Aluminate and Aluminati.