Project Description

Working with Flinders University as our second South-Australian based client, we implemented and launched their new online network “Flinders Ignite Mentoring” in just a few months, with the service live at the end of February 2016.

The Careers team chose the Aluminate platform as their solution to effectively manage the upscaling of their career mentoring program, whilst allowing flexibility, personalisation and customised features.

With the adoption of the platform, Flinders aim to increase mentoring participation and satisfaction as well as improve efficiencies in program management and delivery.

Nalini Klopp, the project lead from the Careers and Employer Liaison team explained:

We had been running a career mentoring program connecting students with industry professionals for a number of years, however, as the program expanded it started to become limited by the administrative requirements of the program. The sourcing, matching and introduction of mentors to students took considerable time. Additionally the structure of the program had little flexibility and meant some students and mentors found it difficult to commit to the program requirements. It became important to find a way to reduce the time spent on project administration and increase the flexibility of the program. The ultimate aim was to increase the number of participants by better meeting their needs, and free up more time to encourage engagement in the program.

We chose Aluminati as the system reduces administration time by delivering many of the tasks previously undertaken by the project coordinator. The high level of customisation in the program also allowed us to develop an online program that could meet most of our needs, and deliver a seamless link with the university’s online presence.

The ability of students and mentors to manage their own participation and mentoring relationships through the program was a key feature in delivering increased flexibility and personalisation for participants. The backend program reporting / management was also able to easily deliver the information required for monitoring and reporting on the program.

At every stage in the process the Aluminati team has been highly professional and supportive of requirements despite the challenge of time differences.

The platform, designed for networking and career development, will be rolled out to approximately 25,000 students and 80,000 alumni worldwide. External participants will also be invited to be involved as mentors to offer career knowledge and support to students.