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Mentoring is a powerful engagement tool for alumni teams, but one must think beyond the tools. Overall success involves engaging key stakeholders around the university, including fundraising teams and careers initiatives. Mentoring is an incredible opportunity for all alumni across all faculties and life stages, but you must be ready to manage hundreds or thousands of users all year-round!


Consultancy packages:

tick-icon Direct Training:

Inspiring online mentoring sessions for your mentors and mentees.

tick-icon Train the Trainer:

Teaching your team to deliver fascinating mentoring training sessions.

tick-icon Strategy Preparation:

Design a unique, tailored, project plan for your mentoring initiative.

tick-icon Communications Planning:

Create a year-round comms plan to keep your members engaged.

tick-icon Events Planning:

Ensuring your events are oversubscribed and buzzing!

tick-icon Resource Efficiencies:

Reduce the staff resource requirement for mentoring management by up to 70%!

tick-icon Prospect Stewardship Planning:

Designing and delivering a plan for identification and cultivation of high-level donors uncovered by Aluminate’s mentoring modules.

Our lead consultant, Maria has worked in higher education since 2009, with roles at top US institutions Boston University and Harvard. Completing a Master’s in International Business from Hult International Business School further developed her expertise in project management, volunteer management and stakeholder engagement.

At King’s College London, Maria single-handedly launched and grew the King’s Connect Aluminate platform – an engagement project now respected throughout KCL. As Alumni Volunteer Manager she led a team of four staff members managing nearly 5000 alumni
volunteers worldwide.

Maria is a Behavioural Coach (certified by the British Psychological Society & the International Society for Coaching Psychology), and is also a Trainer for Mentoring Trainers, Mentors and Mentees. She is also a Core Values interviewer, having completed over 15 interviews that have led to successful hires within the team at all levels.

quote-left  Mentoring success goes beyond the tools or the registration numbers. For this type of engagement to work on the long term, it needs to go deeper, by capitalizing on all touch points with mentors and mentees to inspire them, to empower them and to make them want to give more, not only to mentoring, but to the institution as a whole.  quote-right

Maria’s achievements:

tick-icon Pivotal in securing a £90k donation in support of a tailored mentoring stream within the King’s Connect platform.

tick-icon King’s Connect members have at least a double open rate in communications vs any other alumni segment.

tick-icon Over 1500 people have attended mentoring events organised by her team which continue to be oversubscribed.

tick-icon Designed and delivered 3 international mentoring trips to priority cities in the USA and South East Asia which attracted overall about 400 alumni attendees.

tick-icon Reduced the no-show rate by 20% for mentoring events organised by her team.

tick-icon Over 2000 subscribers on the launch year of Aluminate at KCL.


Maria has helped us to get the mentoring programme off the ground by providing invaluable advice and content. She enabled us to focus on a number of key communications with different target groups and provided both the content and segmentation for these. As a small team, working with Maria saved us a lot of time and resource and has helped us to grow the programme much more quickly than we would have done on our own; she has saved us a good few months of work.

It has been great to speak to someone who understands the pressures of running the platform single-handedly and we wouldn’t have seen the growth we have in the last 6 months had we not worked with Maria.

The mentoring resources provided by Maria are great and have been very well received by alumni and students. They are generating a lot of views on our Digital Library and saved us a lot of work in sourcing these resources ourselves.

The whole consultancy process was very straightforward and easy to do, and working with Maria has been an absolute pleasure. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and has been a great support to me in other areas of the platform as well.

Emma Deabill
Alumni Relations & Development, University of Portsmouth

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